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    Your Guide to a Chiropractic Adjustment

    Last updated 1 day 19 hours ago

    During a chiropractic adjustment, a chiropractor applies a controlled amount of force to a joint in the spine to correct the joint’s alignment. The chiropractor may use either his or her hands or a special instrument to apply the force. Most of the time, you’ll receive chiropractic adjustments while lying face-down on a comfortable table. As the force is applied, it’s common to hear popping noises from the joint. Most people feel an immediate sense of relief and well-being following a chiropractic adjustment.

    Although immediate relief can be attained with this treatment, chiropractors recommend a series of adjustments to fully correct the underlying structural problem. Chiropractic adjustments are commonly recommended when an individual experiences low back pain, neck pain, or similar problems associated with the spine.

    Manhattan Total Health is a premier physical medicine facility that provides chiropractic care, massage therapy, and physical therapy under one roof for your convenience! NYC residents can call (888) 614-9257 with any questions they may have.

    Improve Your Eating Habits With Help From This App!

    Last updated 9 days ago

    There are plenty of calorie tracker devices available for those who are trying to be more conscious about their health and eating habits. However, the Fooducate app goes well beyond merely tracking calories, giving you valuable information about the quality of the food in addition to the quantity. Download this app for your iPhone or iPad and bring your device grocery shopping with you. Simply scan the barcodes on products to gain access to a wealth of nutrition information.

    Fooducate will provide you with each product’s food grade to help you learn if it’s a good choice for you. You’ll be able to read about the health benefits and drawbacks of the product, and you’ll get some recommendations for healthier alternatives.

    The physical therapists, massage therapists, and orthopedic specialists of Manhattan Total Health can help you improve your total wellness. Call our NYC locations today at (888) 614-9257 for more information about physical medicine.

    The Patient's Guide to What Chiropractors Do

    Last updated 23 days ago

    Do you know someone who swears by his chiropractor? Could you benefit from going to one as well? Chiropractic medicine offers effective wellness solutions to many physical ailments. Whereas a conventional doctor might attempt to alleviate pain with medication or surgery, which may not address the source of the pain, a chiropractor can isolate the cause of a patient’s discomfort and eliminate it without chemical or invasive means. The following information highlights how a chiropractor can address your health concerns.

    Identify Neuromuscular Problems

    Has a car accident left you with a stiff and painful neck? Are you finding it increasingly difficult to sit at your desk without experiencing lower back pain? Discomfort along the spinal column can occur for any number of reasons. The many structures that make up this region of the body can suffer from disease or injury that contributes to acute or chronic pain. A chiropractor can assess your condition and find the cause of your pain, helping to prevent months or even years of misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment.

    Correct Alignment Issues

    In many cases, back pain develops in response to incorrect alignment within the spinal column. If vertebrae suffer from poor positioning along the spinal column, they can exert pressure on nearby intervertebral discs, surrounding nerves, and the spinal cord itself. Poor alignment can also place excessive strain on the muscles and connective tissues of the back. By correcting the positioning of the vertebrae, a chiropractor can eliminate pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility along the spinal column.

    Promote Healthy Body Movement

    Body pain often arises from everyday activities that put unhealthy amounts of stress on the joints, muscles, and connective tissues. Sedentary work practices, in particular, can lead to persistent back and neck pain. A chiropractor can help you avoid this workplace complication by teaching you how to sit properly in your chair while at your desk and explaining when to change positions or stretch your body to avoid stress buildup in the spinal column.

    Manhattan Total Health can help you find relief from your everyday aches and strains. To learn more about our chiropractic medicine services, call (888) 614-9257. You can also browse our website for additional information on our full array of physical medicine options for NYC residents.  

    A Closer Look at TMJ Dysfunction

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Do you grind or clench your teeth at night? If so, you might suffer from TMJ dysfunction. Check out this video, which discusses why TMJ dysfunction occurs and how it can affect your health.

    TMJ is an acronym for the temporomandibular joint, or jaw joint. TMJ dysfunction involves the deterioration of the cartilage that cushions the joint and allows for pain-free motion. Daytime stress can translate into nighttime bruxism, or teeth grinding, which wears down the cartilage in the jaw joint. When this happens, jaw stiffness, facial pain, and headaches can result.

    Manhattan Total Health offers a wide selection of physical medicine services that can address TMJ problems. If you suffer from TMJ dysfunction, call our NYC facility today at (888) 614-9257 to set up a consultation with one of our massage therapy specialists.

    Massage and Depression: Physical Treatment for Mental Wellness

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Depression can take its toll on a person’s home and work life. This clinical mental health problem can interfere with focus and productivity, and can upset diet, exercise, and sleeping patterns. It can even lead to self-harm. While medication may alleviate some of the symptoms of depression, studies indicate that physical medicine can also play a pivotal role in restoring mental wellness. Depression can cause chemical imbalances in the brain, which massage may be able to stabilize. In particular, research shows that a single massage therapy session can influence dopamine, serotonin, and cortisol levels. These chemicals all affect the presence and severity of depression. Massage therapy has been shown to increase energy levels as well.

    Have you experienced the benefits of massage therapy? If you are contending with a depression diagnosis, let the expert massage specialists at Manhattan Total Health in NYC attend to your needs with our therapeutic massage therapy services. To make an appointment, call us at (888) 614-9257. 

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