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What Are the Risk Factors for Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a painful and confounding condition that the medical community is only beginning to understand. Getting relief from the pain of fibromyalgia often requires a multifaceted approach that can include medications, physical therapy, acupuncture, and a range of other treatments. As doctors begin to better understand fibromyalgia, there is increased awareness about the risk factors for developing it. Could you develop fibromyalgia? Here is a look at some of the common risk factors.


Fibromyalgia is far more likely to affect women than man. As many as 90% of fibromyalgia cases occur in women, though doctors are not sure why this is the case. One potential cause could be estrogen. Fluctuating levels of hormones may trigger symptoms of pain. Further, men release protective endorphins, which help to reduce the symptoms of pain. This could cause women to feel the pain associated with fibromyalgia more frequently and intensely.


Both physical and emotional stress can increase the risk of fibromyalgia. Doing work that is physically demanding or being in an unsupportive and stressful environment can lead to chronic pain symptoms. Disturbed sleep, which often occurs in people with chronic stress, appears to increase the risk of developing fibromyalgia even more. It is thought that stress and lack of sleep can trigger a cycle of symptoms in which the pain of fibromyalgia causes stress and interferes with sleep, while the stress and sleep deprivation intensifies fibromyalgia pain.


There appears to be a strong genetic link in fibromyalgia patients. Differences in pain signaling in the brain are believed to be one of the causes of fibromyalgia, and these differences in brain chemistry tend to run in families. If you have a relative with fibromyalgia, then it is more likely that you will develop it as well.

Manhattan Total Health offers a range of treatments to help you manage chronic pain without medications. Patients with fibromyalgia may find relief from physical therapy, acupuncture, and medical massage in New York, NY. To make an appointment with us, please call (888) 614-9257.

The Patient's Guide to Medical Massage

When most people think of massage, they think of a relaxing day at the spa. In reality, massage has many medical benefits outside of simple relaxation. Medical massage is designed to harness the healing potential of massage to help people recover from illnesses and injuries. If you are considering undergoing medical massage, here is what you need to know.

What exactly is medical massage?

Unlike traditional massages, medical massage is focused on treating a particular part of the body or a specific illness or injury. The techniques used in the massage are chosen because of their abilities to address the specific issue the patient has, rather than being used to encourage whole-body relaxation or stretching. Often, medical massage is one part of an overall treatment plan that may include other treatments, such as physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, or acupuncture.

Who can benefit from medical massage?

People with acute injuries can often get pain relief from medical massage, as can those who are recovering from surgery. Migraine sufferers who are looking for an alternative to medication may also be referred for medical massage. If you suffer from chronic pain, medical massage can help manage your symptoms, as it reduces inflammation and muscle tension while improving circulation. Athletes may undergo medical massage in order to increase their ranges of motion or to reduce discomfort caused by repetitive use muscle strain.

What should I expect during my medical massage?

Your massage therapist will work with you to create a treatment plan that is appropriate for your needs. Be sure to speak up about any questions you may have. During your massage, your therapist may ask for feedback about how the treatment feels so that he or she can determine which techniques are helpful and which may be causing you discomfort.

Manhattan Total Health is pleased to offer medical massage in New York, NY alongside other therapeutic treatments, including physical therapy and acupuncture. To make an appointment for services, please call (888) 614-9257.

Strategies Swimmers Can Use to Avoid Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common reason swimmers seek physical therapy or other sports medicine treatments. Often, pain is the result of poor form rather than an acute injury, so paying attention to how strokes are performed can be the key to avoiding shoulder discomfort.

Watch this video to learn more about avoiding shoulder pain as a swimmer. In addition to proper training out of the pool, perfecting your form, particularly in intensive strokes like the butterfly, will reduce the kind of overuse injuries that can trigger shoulder pain.

Don’t let shoulder pain keep you out of the pool. At Manhattan Total Health, we offer extensive sports medicine services in Manhattan to help you get out of pain and back to doing what you love. Make an appointment for physical therapy, sports massage, and more by calling (888) 614-9257.

Could Personal Training Help You Get Fit?

Staying in shape can be difficult, in part due to the enormous amount of conflicting information you are confronted with each day. When you’re recovering from an injury, getting fit again can be even more challenging. Fortunately, personal training can help. With personal training, you can get one-on-one advice from an expert who can guide you towards your fitness goals.

Personal training can help anyone who is trying to improve his or her fitness levels. For people who are recovering from a sports injury or surgery, personal training can be especially valuable. With the help of a trainer, you can set realistic fitness goals and learn exercises that help you regain your strength safely and reduce the risk of further injury. Working with a personal trainer can also provide the motivation you need to push forward with your fitness plan.

At Manhattan Total Health, personal training is an ideal next step for people finishing a physical therapy program or other treatment plans. You can learn more about all of our services, including chiropractic care and acupuncture in New York, NY, by dialing (888) 614-9257.

How Runners Can Reduce the Risk of Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint for runners. Although various sports medicine treatments can help you deal with knee pain once it occurs, there are also strategies you can use to prevent it.

Watch this video to find out what you can do to reduce the risk of knee pain. Strengthening the muscles that support your knees through cross-training and taking a day off from activity can protect you from pain.

Manhattan Total Health offers a range of treatments to help runners stay healthy and pain-free, including physical therapy, sports manage and acupuncture in New York, NY. To make an appointment, call us today at (888) 614-9257.

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