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Great Snow Shoveling Tips


Winter is in full affect here in New York City. Saying, "We are getting hit with a lot of snow" doesn't even capture the entire picture. One thing that most people are having to do is shovel out the snow around their vehicles, off their driveways, and away from the front door.  

We want to provide you with some "snow shoveling" tips from and article on called "16 Cardinal Rules for Snow Shoveling."

Here are a few tips they mention:

  • Move snow the shortest distance possible
  • Do the foreground then the background
  • Go easy on the de-icer 
  • Maintain your equipment

Click HERE to read the full article

It is possible to get injured while shoveling snow, so it is very important to make sure you stretch before and after shoveling.

Please be safe and careful in this weather.

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