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What to Expect During Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

Physical therapy can help you recover from injuries and surgeries, often reducing your need to take pain medication and helping to prevent future injuries from occurring. During physical therapy, your therapist will create a treatment plan for your specific needs, based on your health history and symptoms. If you are going to physical therapy for the first time, it’s natural to have many questions about what to expect. Here is what you need to know.

Detailed Medical History

During your first physical therapy appointment, you can expect your therapist to ask you many questions about your health history and your current symptoms. Your answers to these questions will help your physical therapist decide what kind of treatment plan is right for you and set goals for your therapy. Be as specific as you can about your symptoms. It may help to keep a journal of your symptoms so that you can tell your physical therapist exactly what you’re experiencing and when your symptoms are at their worst.

Physical Evaluation

It’s important for your physical therapist to evaluate the way you move and how you use your body to do certain activities. He or she will be able to see how your symptoms are affecting your movement and identify any motions you may be doing that are actually making your symptoms worse. The kinds of activities your physical therapist asks you to do will depend on the nature of your injury, but you may be asked to walk, run, bend, and get up from a reclining position.

Education about Your Condition

A big part of physical therapy is learning about your condition and the treatments you can do to prevent problems from happening in the future. Your therapist will also explain your treatment in detail and show you activities you can do at home between appointments to help you heal.

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