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How a Physical Therapist Can Help You Manage Diabetic Nerve Pain

Diabetes is a condition that can harm your nerves and result in nerve pain, and this damage is referred to as diabetic neuropathy. While working with your doctor to stabilize your blood sugar levels is one of the most important steps you can take to control diabetic nerve pain, seeing a physical therapist can also be beneficial. Continue reading to learn how a physical therapist can help you manage your diabetic nerve pain.

Physical Therapy Benefits and Objectives

Studies have demonstrated that the regular performance of strengthening exercises may offer advantages for individuals who suffer from diabetic nerve pain. Some examples of these benefits include improved muscle strength, reduced pain levels, and better blood sugar control. Also, professional physical therapy may benefit patients with diabetic neuropathy by helping them maintain muscle strength, function, and mobility. When you attend sessions, examples of objectives that your physical therapist may outline include strengthening muscles, maintaining and improving function, and training in balance to improve your stability.

Physical Therapy Activities and Education

The activities that your physical therapist will have you perform may vary from one session to the next and according to your symptoms. Moderate-intensity exercises may be used to promote your physical function and strength, and balance and coordination activities can be employed to decrease your risk of falling. Your physical therapist may also instruct you on the use of nerve gliding exercises, which can help your nerves move with more ease as you straighten and bend your joints. Finally, education can play an important role in your physical therapy treatment for diabetic nerve pain. Your physical therapist will teach you how to perform many of these activities at home, as well as educate you on the safe management of your symptoms, alternative ways to perform tasks, and the prevention of further complications.

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