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How Is Golfer's Elbow Treated?

Are you suffering from tenderness on the inner side of your elbow? If so, then you may have golfer’s elbow. Watch this video to learn more about this condition and how it is treated in physical therapy.

Golfer’s elbow is a term used to describe tendonitis of the inside portion of the elbow. This condition can affect anyone, but physical therapists commonly see it in novice golfers who keep too tight of a grip on their club. Ice and massage can be great for treating acute golfer’s elbow. Also, ultrasound and sports physical therapy exercises for wrist and elbow strengthening are helpful in treating this condition.

At Manhattan Total Health, our experienced physical therapists serving New York, NY can help you recover from golfer’s elbow and get back on the green. Please call (888) 614-9257 to learn more.

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