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See What Happens When You Have a Herniated Disc

If your doctor has diagnosed you with a herniated disc, you probably feel the pain it causes, but you may not have a good idea of what the injury actually looks like. When you watch this short video, you can get a 3D look at the structure of your spine and the discs that support each vertebra. You’ll see what happens when degenerative damage or sudden injuries weaken the spinal discs and cause them to bulge outward. The bulging, or herniated, disc then agitates nearby nerve roots, causing you to feel pain and discomfort in your back.

A herniated disc may be painful, but you can find treatment without having to undergo surgery or rely on pain medications with a high risk of side effects. To explore how chiropractic care and physical therapy in New York City can help relieve the symptoms of herniated discs and other back problems, call Manhattan Total Health at (888) 614-9257.

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