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Tips for Staying Active as You Age

One of the best steps you can take for your health is getting regular exercise to keep your muscles strong, increase your heart rate, and burn calories. As you get older, exercise becomes even more important, since it can help you maintain the strength and flexibility to take on chores like shoveling snow or even completing the weekly laundry. You may find, however, that it is trickier to stay active as you advance in years, but there are some ways you can be sure that you get the exercise you need.

Consult a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers work one on one with their clients to help them achieve their individual goals. If you see a personal trainer to help you keep working out as you get older, he or she can tailor a workout routine to your specific concerns and emphasize strength and flexibility rather than building up muscle mass. In addition, a personal trainer will be able to help you avoid injuries that could keep you off your feet for weeks or even months.

Find Activities You Enjoy

If you don’t participate in physical activities that you enjoy doing, then you aren’t likely to keep up with them. Whether you prefer swimming, walking in the park, hitting the gym, or rock climbing, find the activity that suits you so that you’re motivated to stick with it. Making a group activity of it can also help, since exercising with other people will give you a greater sense of commitment to the activity.

Recognize Your Limitations

Even with an effort to stay active, you will find that you need to slow down through the years. Recognizing existing and new limitations is important to avoid injuring yourself, and it can inform you of the activities that might be best to leave behind.

To schedule a consultation with a personal trainer in New York City, call Manhattan Total Health at (888) 614-9257. Along with personal training, we provide acupuncture, pain management, and physical therapy services catering to individuals at any age.

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