• Tips for Reducing the Risk of Tennis Injuries

    Tennis is a fantastic full-body workout, but it does exert considerable stress on your joints and soft tissues. Physical therapists recommend doing a thorough stretching routine before and after you play. You can see a sample stretching routine when you watch the accompanying video.

    This tennis expert demonstrates lower body and upper body stretches. He starts with giant steps, which involves touching the knees to the hands while walking. You’ll also see him demonstrate standing and running butt kicks, the Frankenstein walk, the Djokovic tilt, and multiple upper body stretches with a resistance band.

    If you do sustain an injury or you’d like to work with a physical therapist on an injury prevention plan, you can contact Manhattan Total Health at (888) 614-9257. Our physical therapists in New York, NY, have extensive experience working with patients with tennis-related injuries.

  • How Long Should Patients Attend Physical Therapy After an Injury?


    Physical therapy is a commonly recommended treatment modality for patients who have sustained musculoskeletal injuries. The length of your course of physical therapy depends on the type and severity of your specific injury, and your pace of progress. The physical therapist will start by doing a thorough evaluation. Then, he or she uses this information to develop a customized treatment plan. Your treatment plan will explain how many times per week you’ll attend physical therapy and how long you can expect it to last.

    Every patient experiences a different rate of progress. In general, soft tissue injuries may heal in about six to eight weeks. The average fracture should heal in about eight weeks. If your injury results in chronic pain, such as chronic lower back pain, then it’s generally recommended that you continue to attend physical therapy for as long as you continue to experience improvements in your symptoms, strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

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  • Questions to Ask During Your First Physical Therapy Appointment


    Physical therapy is good option for dealing with both acute and chronic pain. It can help to reduce or even eliminate the need for pain medication while ensuring a healthy recovery from musculoskeletal issues. With physical therapy, you don’t just focus on alleviating the pain but also on building up muscle strength and learning movement techniques that will reduce the risk of future injury. If you’re starting therapy for the first time, asking your physical therapist these questions during your appointment will help you get a better idea of what to expect from the process.

    Why am I in pain?

    By asking this question, you can discover two important things about your pain. First, you will learn exactly what kind of injury your physical therapist thinks that you have, so you can better understand the source of your pain. Second, you will learn some of the reasons the injury may have happened. For example, your physical therapist may blame a repetitive motions or exercising without stretching or conditioning appropriately. This information will help you understand ways in which you can avoid another injury in the future.

    How long do you think I will need physical therapy?

    Physical therapy doesn’t cure pain and injuries overnight. It usually requires committing to a few sessions per week for an extended period of time. Your physical therapist may not be able to give you a precise treatment timeline, but having an idea of what to expect will help you to plan accordingly.

    What will I need to do between appointments?

    Only part of your physical therapy will happen at your appointments. Your physical therapist will also give you tasks to do at home, such as certain exercises or instructions to use heat or ice on your injuries. It’s important to know what is expected of you and to follow these instructions, in order to get the best results from therapy.

    Find out more about how physical therapy can help you manage chronic and acute pain by contacting Manhattan Total Health. To schedule an appointment for professional physical therapy in New York, NY, please call (888) 614-9257.

  • Could You Benefit from a Medical Massage?


    When many people think of massages, they envision spa days and relaxation. However, massages can have many health benefits, particularly when it is performed by a provider who is experienced in delivering medical messages. Medical massage is frequently used as part of a physical therapy treatment plan to deliver fast pain relief.

    Medical massage could be right for you if acute or chronic pain is impacting your ability to engage in your normal activities. It helps to boost circulation while reducing inflammation. It can deliver an instant reduction in discomfort and be an important part of achieving long-term pain relief, since it can be targeted specifically at the source of your pain. Many people experience improved range of motion as well as less stress, which in turns helps to alleviate their other symptoms.

    Manhattan Total Health provides medical massage in New York, NY alongside our physical therapy services for a wide range of conditions. Find out more or schedule an appointment by calling (888) 614-9257.

  • What Are Some Common Causes of Torn ACLs?

    A torn ACL is a common sports injury that is suffered by athletes in a wide range of sports. Part of the typical recovery plan for torn ACLs is usually physical therapy that helps athletes recover their strength and rebuild the muscles that support their knees. There are a number of different things that can cause torn ACLs. Here is a look at some of the most common causes.

    ACL injuries usually occur during the course of athletic activity in which pressure is put on the knee. This includes activities that require pivoting, those that require stopping and quickly changing direction, and those that require stopping suddenly. ACL tears can also occur after a direct blow to the knee.

    The physical therapists at Manhattan Total Health can help you strengthen your core and leg muscles to recover from ACL tears and prevent the risk of future injuries. To make an appointment with a sports medicine provider in New York, NY, call (888) 614-9257.

  • The Link Between Posture and Back Pain

    When you visit a chiropractor or other sports medicine specialist because of back pain, one of the factors the specialist will examine is your posture. Using poor posture for a few minutes might not cause any problems, but maintaining bad posture on a regular basis for a long time certainly can. Posture is particularly important for your back health because your spine has three natural curves.

    The neck has a gentle forward curve. The upper back, or thoracic region, has a slight backward curve. And the lower back, or lumbar region, has a slight forward curve. Keeping these curves in the proper alignment allows the joints throughout the body to be in balance. This allows your body weight and the stresses of physical movement to be evenly distributed. But when you have poor posture, parts of the body receive extra stress, causing problems like chronic low back pain from strained muscles and ligaments.

    You’ll find exceptional, individualized chiropractic care at Manhattan Total Health. Call our sports medicine facility in New York, NY at (888) 861-49257 to request an appointment.

  • Questions to Ask During Your First Appointment with a Physiatrist

    A physiatrist is a specialist who treats problems with the musculoskeletal system and manages the pain of illnesses that are associated with it. If you have an appointment with physiatrist, there is a good chance that you have been frustrated with painful symptoms and have a lot of questions about what is causing your issues and how they can be treated. Before your visit, it can helpful to write down your questions so that your thoughts are organized and you don’t forget any important points. Consider adding these questions to your list.

    What do you think could be causing my condition?

    When you go to a physiatrist, you may already have a diagnosis, or you may have been referred by another doctor to try to determine the cause of your symptoms. Although your physiatrist won’t be able to make a diagnosis without an exam and any additional testing he or she thinks may be necessary, he or she can give you some ideas about potential issues you could be having and how those problems can be addressed.

    What treatments do you offer?

    Physiatrists often combine multiple treatment strategies to help patients get the best possible relief from their symptoms. This may include a combination of physical therapy, pain medications, and other modalities, like acupuncture. The treatment plans that they develop are focused on helping people get relief for their conditions without the need for surgery.

    Are you the right doctor for my condition?

    One of the frustrating things about pain is that it can often be a difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Physiatrists can treat a broad range of conditions, from osteoporosis to fibromyalgia. If you suffer from pain, there is a good chance that a physiatrist can manage your condition, but your doctor will refer to other specialists whenever necessary.

    Find out how a physiatrist can help improve your health by scheduling a consultation at Manhattan Total Health. For more information about all of our services, including chiropractic care and physical therapy, or to make an appointment with a physiatrist in New York, NY, call (888) 614-9257.

  • What You Need to Know About Myofascial Pain Syndrome

    Myofascial pain syndrome is a frustrating condition that is often misdiagnosed. Although there is not a treatment plan that works for everyone, many people can get relief from their symptoms with the help of a physiatrist, as well as through acupuncture and physical therapy.

    Watch this video to learn more about myofascial pain syndrome. One of the most challenging parts of diagnosing this condition is that it causes referred pain when trigger points are pressed. These symptoms often mimic other conditions, so diagnosis can often be delayed.

    If you are suffering from myofascial pain syndrome or another kind of chronic pain, help is available from Manhattan Total Health. Get the care you need from our physiatrists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and acupuncture specialists in New York, NY. To make an appointment, call (888) 614-9257.

  • Why You Should See a Chiropractor for Preventative Care

    Many people think of seeing a chiropractor when they have a sore back or neck pain that is keeping them up at night. Although chiropractors are excellent at treating those kinds of conditions, they don’t just provide acute care. Seeing a chiropractor for regular adjustments can also play an important part in preventing a number of common health complaints. Could you benefit from regular, preventative care from a chiropractor? Here is a look at some of the potential benefits of getting chiropractic care on an ongoing basis.

    Fewer Headaches

    Although the throbbing, searing pain of a headache usually occurs around your temples and across your forehead, most headaches actually have their roots in your spine. Even a slight spinal misalignment can put pressure on nerves that run through your back and neck, triggering headache pain. When you see your chiropractor regularly, you can avoid these misalignments, thereby also avoiding those recurring headaches at the same time.

    Better Sleep

    Many of the people who receive regular spinal adjustments report that they fall asleep more easily, experience deeper sleep, and feel more rested the next day. This is because maintaining health spinal alignment allows your body to work as efficiently as possible, both while you’re working and while you’re resting.

    Reduced Anxiety

    Another way in which preventative chiropractic care and the efficiency it creates in your body can make a difference in your health is by reducing your feelings of anxiety. Your body is able to handle stress physically when your spine alignment is healthy, so it causes less emotional upheaval.

    Don’t wait until you’re experiencing pain before you decide to seek chiropractic care at Manhattan Total Health. Our chiropractors offer both acute and preventative care for patients with a wide of range concerns. To schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors in New York, NY, please call (888) 614-9257 today.

  • Here Is What Texting Can Do to Your Neck

    If you have a major texting habit and neck pain or stiffness, you may have text neck. Text neck refers to a set of symptoms often seen by chiropractors in people who spend a lot of time looking down at their media devices.

    Watch this video to find out how texting can hurt your neck. When you look down at your phone, the weight of your head puts significantly more pressure on your neck than when it is in a neutral position. As a result, pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion can occur.

    At Manhattan Total Health, our chiropractors are adept at treating text neck and all of the other problems that can result from spinal misalignments. Schedule an appointment for chiropractic care in New York, NY, by calling (888) 614-9257.

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