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  • 4 Signs You Should See a Physiatrist

    Most people have heard about physical medicine and rehabilitation at some point in their lives. Whether you’ve had to undergo physical therapy, know someone who has, or just learned about it on an episode of a medical drama, you probably have a basic idea of what this process entails. Physiatrists are the physicians who study both the diagnosis and treatments of various sports injuries and conditions that cause weakness or pain in the body. These medical specialists are able to help patients regain function and reduce pain in their body, meaning there will be no need for surgery!

    Think you may need the help of a physiatrist? These four conditions may be signs that you should schedule an appointment:

    1. You’ve recently received a sports injury. Playing football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and other sports can often result in some pretty nasty injuries. No athlete wants to be in pain or unable to play the sport they love in the future. Physiatrists specialize in sports medicine, helping athletes everywhere get the rehabilitation they need.
    2.  You’ve received a work-related injury or condition. Accidents can happen at any time, but if you’re injured on the job, then you may be entitled to compensation. This compensation can cover physical therapy and rehabilitation provided by a physiatrist.
    3.  You suffer from arthritis. A physiatrist will be able to help restore function lost due to this debilitating condition.
    4. You suffer from chronic back pain. Physiatrists utilize massage therapy, exercise, medications, and other non-surgical treatments that can help relieve chronic back pain.

    Here at Manhattan Total Health, our staff of physiatrists, including sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation experts , can help provide the tools you need to rid your body of pain and gain back the function you desire. Contact us today to learn more about our New York City massage and physical therapy programs.

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    Manhattan Total Health  offers comprehensive massage, orthopedic rehab, sports physical therapy and physical therapy for all NYC residents.  Call today to benefit from our extensive knowledge of sports medicine  and other healing techniques that will have you up and ready to move in no time.

  • Important Differences Between Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy

    The human body, though amazingly intricate and self-sufficient, sometimes needs a little help to be as strong as possible.  Physical therapy and massage therapy are important forms of rehabilitation for a body that is not working entirely up to its full potential.

    Physical Therapy

    The point of physical therapy is to make movement of the body easier. When one suffers an injury or has pain issues with a certain area of the body, a physical therapist can design a series of exercises that will help to strengthen the weakened or injured areas. This physical medicine, which starts out with methods to reduce pain and eventually focuses on building up muscle and bone strength, can help people with injuries, heart problems, spinal stenosis, and multiple sclerosis, among many other health problems.

    Massage Therapy

    There are over 250 types of massage therapies used today. Massage therapists manipulate the body’s muscles and soft tissues to get rid of pain, circulation and blood pressure issues, diabetes, infertility, depression, and more. Massage has been used throughout history to cure sickness and other issues with the mind, body, and spirit.

    Between Therapy

    While physical and massage therapy do have many similar techniques and results, physical therapy tends to focus more on rehabilitation through exercise and other movements, while massage therapy tends to concentrate on improving circulation through muscle manipulation. While massage therapy can be used to heal the body, it is mainly used today for relaxation. Physical therapy, on the other hand, can help with orthopedic rehab, or rehab for other parts of the body.


    Manhattan Total Health offers comprehensive massage and physical therapy for all NYC residents.  Call today to benefit from our extensive knowledge of sports medicine and other healing techniques that will have you up and ready to move in no time.

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  • Walk For Lupus Is Only 10 Days Away!


  • Want More Physical Wellness Tips Read These Articles…

    Are you looking for more information on how to relieve pain while on the job? Do you want to know more about when it’s time to see a physiatrist? These websites have all of the information you need to keep your body feeling great!

    • Head over to this page from eHow.com to learn more about an exercise that will help you prevent shoulder pain throughout the day.
    • Find out more about what a physiatrist is on this page from the Association of Academic Physiatrists official website.


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  • 3 Signs You Will Benefit from Visiting a Medi-Spa for Physical Therapy

    Hydrotherapy—the use of water for physical therapy—has been around for thousands of years . Towns such as Bath, England and Spa, Belgium were built around natural hot springs and people would travel for miles seeking the health and relaxation benefits of hot water. Modern medi-spas have even more to offer, including physical therapy, massage therapy, and sports medicine, all of which are performed by licensed doctors.

      Are You Looking for Total Health Care?

    Medical spas treat the whole person, not just a symptom. Medical spas can include physiatry visits, which examine a patient’s physical, emotional, and social needs together, rather than looking at each of these areas as isolated and needing separate treatment. Medical spas may offer consultation on diet and exercise programs, along with sports medicine and orthopedic rehab.

      Want a Complete Approach to Pain?

    All too often chronic pain sufferers are just given prescription drugs. By using a multi-treatment approach that can include hydrotherapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic medicine, and more, patients can be assured that they are receiving the most effective treatments for their problems.

      Tired of Just Being a Number?

    Today, people expect to be shuffled in and out of the doctor’s office where most of the employees don’t even know the patient’s name. Medical spas specialize in more personal treatment while staying under the discretion of medical professionals, including licensed medical doctors, chiropractors, and massage therapists.


    Are you ready for total health care? Check out Manhattan Total Health , New York City’s premier medical spa and wellness center. We offer physical therapy, sports medicine, physical medicine, massage therapy, and orthopedic rehab. With three convenient locations in New York City, there is no excuse not to call today.


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