• Causes of Muscle Cramps and Prevention Techniques


    A muscle cramp is something that everyone dreads—from the charley horse that wakes you up at night to the cramping of an overly exerted muscle, we all have experienced a muscle cramp at some point in our lives and we all wish to prevent them from happening again. In this post, we are going to explain the causes of muscle cramps and give you some ideas for prevention.


    • Dehydration can cause muscle cramps. This can be a sign of heat stroke, so if you are outside in the heat and begin to have muscle cramps, then stop to rest and begin re-hydrating right away.
    • Similar to dehydration, a chemical imbalance in the body can be the culprit behind cramps. If the levels of calcium, magnesium, or potassium get too low, then cramps can follow. These levels can drop as a result of medications, illness, or other medical conditions.
    • Repetitive use of a muscle or activity that is too strenuous or vigorous can be a trigger for muscle cramps . The cramp may not appear for several hours after activity has ended, but the cramp is the result of your muscles becoming fatigued to the point of exhaustion.
    • Injury can also cause cramps. This is the body’s protection response to trauma. Cramps are common following broken bones or other skeletal injuries.


    • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after physical activities. This is common knowledge in the sports medicine world, but for everyday people, the importance of proper hydration is often overlooked.
    • Stay active. Using your muscles each day will prevent cramps because your muscles will be used to the activity. This will also ward off rest cramps, which can occur due to inactivity.
    • Make sure to eat properly. Eating a diet rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will keep you healthy and your body will be able to function properly.

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  • Manhattan Total Health Let’s You Know How Prevent Headaches and Backaches from Impeding on Your Workplace Productivity


    A full day of work can build up stress and fatigue—especially when the daily workload is heavier than usual.  While on the job, the last things that you need to deal with are headaches and backaches, as they are both painful and can slow the speed at which you work.  While physical medicine and massage therapy might be able to alleviate your woes after you return home, unfortunately, your on-the-job performance will suffer.

    If you are tired of dealing with headaches and backaches at work, then take a look at these following tips about how to control these pesky ailments while at work.

    1.      Stay Hydrated

    While at work, be sure to take frequent water breaks in order to stay sufficiently hydrated throughout the day.  Water is essential to the healthy functioning of the body.  When there’s a slight deficiency, we suffer from headaches, body aches, and general discomfort. Plus, by staying hydrated, you can promote a healthier diet and even benefit from added energy.

    2.      Move Around

    The primary contributor of back pain at work is extended periods of sitting down.  Although it’s hard to believe that sitting down can cause back pain, it is important to stand up and take short trips around the office about every half-hour so that you can avoid putting unyielding pressure on your back.

    3.      Avoid Injury

    For those who work in more labor-intensive environments, avoiding injury is necessary to moving shipments, taking invoices, and other inventory related tasks running smoothly.  Be sure to ask for help when moving heavy objects and also avoid constantly repetition of a single motion, as the latter can lead to muscle fatigue and injury.


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  • Manhattan Total Health at Walk For Lupus! A Big Thanks To Everyone that Supported This Cause

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  • Manhattan Total Health Discusses Common Sports Injury: The ACL. If you have any questions please contact us at (212) 832-9127


    Your ACL, one of the four important ligaments in the knee joint, is in place to provide stability for your knee and to connect the upper bones and the shins.

    The knees are often more vulnerable than other areas of the body because there are not many bones around them for extra protection.  Sports put added pressure and force on the knees, which can cause the ACL to tear. Rugby and football players are very susceptible to these injuries, as are soccer players and skiers. Women tend to suffer from torn ACLs more often than men do.

    To learn more about this important ligament, watch this video. If you have torn your ACL, then call Manhattan Total Health  in NYC today and start on the road to rehabilitation. You can find us at Manhattan Total Health  on the web or call us at (917) 720-2689.


  • Equipment in a State-of-the-Art Orthopedic Facility


    When you think of equipment in an orthopedic rehab facility, what comes to mind? Well, at an esteemed facility, you may be quite amazed at what type of equipment you will find.  Read on to learn about some of the equipment that a state-of-the-art orthopedic facility has to offer:

    • Diagnostic equipment . A good orthopedic rehab center will have x-ray machines, ultrasound machines, and other diagnostic equipment to give the physical therapists all the information they need to diagnose the problem, create a proper care plan, and check the progress of the patient. Another benefit of on-site diagnostic testing is that, as a patient, you don’t have to go to another location, see another doctor or technician, or wait for your testing and results—your therapist has it all!
    • Range of motion testing equipment . If you are recovering from an injury or from surgery, one of the goals you and your physical therapist will share is increasing your range of motion . With the equipment in place at the orthopedic rehab location, you’ll be able to monitor your range of motion improvements. Since range of motion is so important in the physical and sports medicine world, you’ll want to be at a facility that has this amazing technology within your reach.
    • Therapy equipment . If you think physical therapy is just squatting and standing, think again—at a state-of-the-art facility, you’ll find the most advanced sports medicine machines available, like treadmills, bicycles, weight machines, lap pools, and hand bikes. And, don’t forget about the “ordinary” equipment that knowledgeable therapists use to help you recover, like beach balls, balance beams, stairs, tennis balls and racquets, rings,  handkerchiefs, and resistance bands. Physical therapy can be fun, stimulating, and even entertaining—some therapists have even been known to use a Wii to help their patients work out!

    At Manhattan Total Health, your recovery is our goal. We offer services designed to help you feel better faster. Call us today at (917) 720-2689 for more information.


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  • Acupuncture: How Pain Relief and Mental Wellness Can Be Just a Prick Away

    Acupuncture treatment

    Eastern medicines provide a healthy, effective alternative to some of the harshest medicinal therapies that exist in the Western world.  The ancient art of acupuncture offers the pain relief and health benefits that you’ve been missing.

    The World of Acupuncture Therapy

    Acupuncture is used to restore balance in the body. An acupuncturist uses different techniques, but they’re most known for utilizing a series of needles to stimulate various points throughout the body. This form of therapy is thousands of years old and has been used in Asian countries for centuries to improve overall health and eradicate disease.

    How It Works

    After an in-depth question and answer session with your acupuncturist about your health conditions, they will insert thin metal needles into the points of your body that they feel are out of balance. If inserted correctly, most people feel no pain, and actually feel extremely energized or very calm and peaceful. Many people have experienced incredible results from just one acupuncture therapy session.


    This physical medicine has been used, like massage therapy, to treat extreme pain caused from a variety of illnesses, including: migraines, Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. It has also been used for natural discomforts such as labor pains and menstrual cramps. Eastern practitioners believe that applying pressure to acupuncture points can restore balance to the body, while many Westerners tend to think that the pressure acts to stimulate nerves, muscles, and tissue, which accounts for its success. Whatever the reason, acupuncture has been helping people feel better for centuries.


    Come to Manhattan Total Health to experience acupuncture for yourself.  We have a highly trained staff that can provide you with services in sports physical therapy and orthopedic rehab here in NYC.  We can also help you with orthopedic rehab. Call today to learn more about how we can help you get total health in your body, spirit, and mind.