• Best Ways to Avoid a Serious Sports Injury during Your Games


    Sports can be a great form of exercise, as well as a great way to have fun.  Whether you play professionally or have the occasional game with friends, it’s important to be at the top of your game. Because of the physical nature of sports, injuries are always a risk. By following these simple tips, you can avoid serious sports injuries and stay on the field longer:

    • Warm up before the game starts. Doing some light exercises before starting your game is the best way to get your body prepared for physical activity. Warming up provides the body with a number of benefits that can reduce the risk of being injured during play. As you warm up, your body and muscle temperatures rise, helping you move faster and relax more quickly. Warm up time can also be used to prepare mentally for the game!
    • Make sure you have appropriate gear. Today’s athletes can choose from a number of different styles for footwear, sports equipment, and safety gear. This helps athletes find the appropriate pieces for them and for their sport. Uncomfortable or ill-fitting footwear doesn’t just hurt the feet; it can also negatively affect your performance and possibly lead to injury. Without adequate safety gear, players put themselves at greater risk for being hit or injured during a game.
    • Cool down after the game. Cooling down is a great way to reduce body temperature and regulate blood flow. Many sports medicine experts recommend another round of whichever game you’re playing at a much slower pace to help the body cool down. Stretching is another important component to add to the end of a sports session, as it can help increase flexibility while also reducing the chances of stiff or sore muscles.

    Visiting a sports medicine clinic can also help you stay in shape and reduce injury after games. Here at Manhattan Total Health , our physical therapy team specializes in sports and massage therapy. You can learn more about our services by visiting our website or calling us at (917) 720-2689.



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  • Core Strength: Physical Therapy for the Spine


    Back pain can be a real hindrance in the daily lives of sufferers. Relief from that back pain is the goal for all people afflicted with this condition. This video gives you some great physical therapy for your spine to help build core strength and alleviate back pain.

    As the video shows, there are two basic exercises that are very useful in strengthening the core muscles of the body. When the core muscles are strong, the whole body is durable, meaning you’ll experience less back pain. Make sure to see your physical therapist if back pain persists.

    For a great physical therapy center in New York City, come to Manhattan Total Health . We have massage therapy and orthopedic rehab services. Call us at (917) 720-2689.


  • Reasons to Get a Medical Massage

    Deep Massage - #1

    Many people use massages as a fun way to escape the world and relaxing for a little while. While getting a massage is a great way to temporarily forget about the trouble and struggles of life, massages are also effective medical tools that help to treat a variety medical conditions and problems. People get medical massages for a variety of reasons, some of which include:

    • Pain and physical discomfort are the two main reasons people head to a sports medicine clinic or spa for massage therapy. The pain could the result of an overworked muscle or the residual effects of an injury. A medical massage can help relieve the pain by relaxing and loosening the muscles, stopping the body’s pain response cycle.
    • Headaches, and even migraines, are another reason people seek out the services of a massage therapy center. The same principles of massage that work to relieve pain from a sports injury are at play in headache relief. The muscles are relaxed, which reduces the pain and often prevents future recurrences of headaches.
    • Insomnia relief can also be achieved through massage therapy. The patient relaxes during a massage, becomes much calmer, and can finally experience deep, restful sleep. If stress is the main cause for one’s insomnia, then having a medical massage can put the mind at ease, allowing for much needed sleep.
    • Many pregnant women opt for prenatal medical massages . During these massage therapy sessions, the woman’s circulation is improved, bringing more oxygenated blood to the baby. Women also experience a relief from the aches and discomforts of pregnancy while enjoying the pampering that any expectant mother deserves.
    • In addition to physical ailments, medical massage therapy is beneficial to patients suffering from psychological illnesses and conditions. Anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, and extreme stress can all be lessened or even diminished completely with medical massage.

    At Manhattan Total Health , we offer medical massage therapy as well as other sports medicine services. We understand the importance of physical therapy and orthopedic rehab. Call us at (917) 720-2689 to schedule an appointment today.