• How Acupuncture Can Alleviate Migraines



    When people suffer from headaches, they often turn to oral medication for relief. Most don’t realize how effective natural alternatives can be for reducing and preventing pain.

    In this video, you will learn that oriental medicine is dedicated to finding the root cause of a patient’s pain and eliminating it. Acupuncture is often used to treat this pain. Herbs are prescribed as support in between each session. After acupuncture, patients have reported a decrease in the frequency and intensity of their headaches to the point where they no longer require their oral medication.


    If you are struggling with intense headaches or migraines, you may want to consider a natural approach to relief, such acupuncture. Call Manhattan Total Health at (917) 720-2689 to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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    Caring for your body is essential, especially during the harsh winter months. Use the following resources to find information on how to care and protect your body this winter season.

    • It is important to continue exercising in the winter , but you need to take precautions when working out in the cold. In this article, you’ll learn tips on how to warm up and protect yourself from injury in the winter.
    • If you would like more information on the potential injuries you could sustain while skiing or snowboarding, read through this article. You’ll also find warm-up tips, information on what to wear, how to avoid head and neck injuries, and more useful information.
    • Kids often need more protection while playing sports, so read through this multi-page article to learn five tips for keeping your child safe and injury-free.
    • Medical massage is a great tool for people who push their bodies to the limit playing and participating in sports or strenuous activity. For information on what you can expect from a medical massage and what to look for from a provider, read through this article from MassageToday.com.
    • If you’re considering medical acupuncture, check out this article from eMedicineHealth.com .

    Manhattan Total Health offers a myriad of healing services, such as medical massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, sports medicine services, and much more. Let us work to repair and rejuvenate your body by calling us at (917) 720-2689 today.

    Baseball player

  • How to Prepare for Outdoor Winter Exercise


    Many people gain excess weight during the winter, so it’s important to maintain your normal exercise routine even when the cold weather strikes. However, you can expect your body to react differently to the cold weather, so use the following tips to keep yourself warm and injury-free throughout the winter:

    • Check the Weather: You don’t want to get half-way into your run only to realize it’s about to downpour or snow, so take a minute to research the current weather conditions. This will give you an idea of whether or not you should wear gloves and a hat, a jacket, or other warm-weather clothes. Depending on the weather and the exercise, your body may get warm fast, so consider wearing items you can easily take off and tie around your waist if necessary.
    • Stretch Indoors: If you blast your muscles with cold air, then it will take longer for you to warm up and get going , which will put you at greater risk for injury and soreness. Therefore, stretch indoors before you head out. Stretching wakes up the muscles, extends the ligaments, and prepares the body to take on impact and pressure from activities. Stretching also increases vascular flow, which supplies the muscles with oxygen and nutrients.

    Winter Running 

    • Give Yourself More Time: In extreme weather, your muscles will work slower, so you may find that it takes longer to complete your regular workout routine. Plus, your lungs will burn from the frigid air, so you may have to take more breaks than normal. To account for this, give yourself plenty of extra time.

    If you want more advice on how to stay healthy throughout the winter, then visit Manhattan Total Health . Our premier wellness and med-spa center offers physical therapy services, acupuncture, medical massage, nutrition management, and sports medicine. To learn more, visit our website or call (917) 720-2689 today.


  • Stretching Exercises Before Running


    Stretching before running is one of the best things you can do to prevent strain, muscle soreness, and major injuries. However, most people are unfamiliar with the best ways to stretch.

    If you need a refresher course of the best types of stretches, check out this video. In it, you’ll see a woman demonstrate vital stretches that can prevent injury during a run. As you watch the woman illustrate particular stretches of the thighs, hips, hamstrings, and neck, you will get a better understanding of what you need to do before running.

    If you experience pain after exercising, then bring your sore muscles to Manhattan Total Health. We offer physical therapy , medical massage, and many other wellness and med-spa services that can help your body heal quickly. To learn more or schedule a visit, call us at (917) 720-2689.