• Watch This Video to See Jerry Rice Supporting Chiropractic Medicine

    Chiropractic care has helped many people feel and perform their best. People who have suffered injuries that left them in tremendous pain have found relief from chiropractors. In this video, you will learn about professional athlete Jerry Rice’s experience with chiropractic care and how this type of treatment helped San Francisco’s pro football team.

    Watch this clip to learn how Jerry Rice made it through the hit dancing competition, Dancing with the Stars, with the help of his chiropractor. Jerry also talks about how this type of physical care has helped his overall life, as well as the lives of his teammates.

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  • Breaking Down the Structure and Function of the Spinal Cord

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    The spinal cord is a soft structure that runs from the base of the brain to the tail bone. It is protected by the spine, and is used to transmit nerve signals throughout the body. The spinal cord is one of the most vital areas of the body, as it is responsible for controlling movement.

    Spinal Cord Function
    The spinal cord is the centralized mechanism that controls movement and sensation throughout the body. Each area of the spinal cord is responsible for movement and health in a specific region of the body. Nerves in each area of the cord branch out to send messages that regulate functions in these regions in the body.

    Motor and Sensory Neurons
    Motor neurons are the important nerves that send messages from the brain to the muscles. These nerves are responsible for every voluntary movement that your body makes. Sensory neurons are nerves that send messages from the body back to the brain. They convey information such as temperature, joint position, and pain.

    Spinal Nerve Groups
    There are four main spinal nerve groups in the body. The cervical nerve group includes nerves that come out of the cervical spine. These nerves control movement and feeling in the neck and upper body. The thoracic nerve group includes nerves that are responsible for the trunk and the abdomen area. The lumbar and sacral nerves control the legs, bowel, and bladder, along with sexual functions. Each nerve branches out from between the vertebrae which protect the spinal cord.

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  • Add to Your Health and Wellness Knowledge by Visiting These Websites

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    Your body needs time and guidance to recover after any injury. To learn more about your healing processes and how you can help your body recover quickly and safely, take a look at these links from around the web:

    • Get more information on the importance of flexibility for your overall wellbeing from RealSimple.com.
    • This article from The New York Times discusses the benefits of massage for healing .
    • Find out why it’s important to manage stress for a healthier lifestyle by reading this article from the University of Minnesota.
    • Get more information about massage therapy and its health benefits from WebMD.com.
    • If your child is undergoing physical therapy , take a look at this page from KidsHealth.org for information on the treatment’s benefits.

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  • The Importance of Following through with Your Physical Therapy Plan

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    Your body is an incredible healing machine, but sometimes it needs a little help. Physical therapy focuses on helping your body recover and regain strength lost due to an injury or other medical condition. However, you must follow through with your treatment plan after beginning physical therapy to experience optimal results. Keep reading to find out more about why you should make sure to follow through with your physical therapy during recovery.

    Rebuild Strength
    When you are injured or your body is not functioning properly, your muscles, ligaments, and even bones lose strength. This makes it more difficult or even impossible for you to perform the everyday tasks you need and want to do. Your physical therapist will work with you to rebuild your body’s strength and resistance so you can return to your life without worry of lost strength or ability.

    Regain Lost Range of Motion
    When part of the body is injured or favored to prevent pain, it can very quickly lose flexibility and range of motion. You may not be able to move your arms, legs, or back comfortably in ways that you should, and this can have a negative impact on your life by making it difficult to move around, lift objects, stand, or sit. Maintaining your physical therapy routine will help you regain any lost range of motion you have suffered, promoting healthy standing, sitting, and sleeping and positively impacting your overall health.

    Prevent Further Injury
    Your body takes time to heal, and you may not be able to move as you’d like during that time. Knowing your limits is an important part of the recovery process. Working with a physical therapist will help to ensure that you will not injure yourself during the healing process. Additionally, by rebuilding your body’s strength and flexibility through physical therapy, you are helping to keep your body strong and prevent future injuries.

    If you have been injured, physical therapy can help you reach a healthy state. Manhattan Total Health specializes in physical therapy to rebuild your body after injury or surgery. To find out more, check us out online or call (917) 720-2689.