• The Athlete’s Guide to Muscle Strain


    Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a pro, being physically active and participating in sports is great for your health. However, physical activity does come with some risks. For example, muscle strains are a common injury for athletes. Recovery from muscle strains usually involves some rest and physical therapy . Even though muscle strain is unlikely to keep you permanently sidelined, preventing strain should be your goal. Here’s what you need to know about muscle strains:


    What Is a Muscle Strain?
    A muscle strain occurs when you put too much pressure on a muscle or the surrounding tendons, causing overstretching or a tear. Blood vessels around the muscles are sometimes also damaged during muscle strains. A strain can happen at any point when you’re taking part in sports, but you’re most vulnerable when you perform repetitive movements, like pitching a ball or swinging a tennis racket.


    What Are the Symptoms of Muscle Strains?
    Pain and weakness are the main symptoms of a muscle strain . The pain may be present when you use the injured muscle and when you are at rest. Redness and bruising may accompany a muscle strain if the nearby blood vessels are also damaged.


    How Are Muscle Strains Treated?
    Muscle strain treatment depends on how severe the injury is. In some cases, rest, ice, compression, and over-the-counter pain medication are enough to treat the strain. For more severe cases, massage therapy and physical therapy can help promote healing. If your muscle is torn, you may need a sports medicine specialist to prescribe stronger pain medication and provide more intensive treatments, which may include surgery.


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    The physicians at Manhattan Total Health can treat a multitude of bodily injuries and conditions, from fibromyalgia to rotator cuff tears. The following resources explain some of the treatment options provided by our specialists .



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  • Tips to Prevent or Alleviate Restless Legs Syndrome Symptoms

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    Many adults suffer from restless legs syndrome (RLS), a condition in which the legs feel uncomfortable when at rest. It is usually associated with a crawling feeling, tightening, itching, or cramping. The causes of this condition vary and include pregnancy and vitamin deficiency. There is no known cure for RLS today. However, there are treatments, including massage therapy , which can help minimize or prevent the symptoms of RLS.

    Alleviate RLS 
    Massage therapy is a great treatment that can alleviate the symptoms of restless legs syndrome. Massaging your legs or soaking in a hot bath will relax your muscles and reduce stress—a common trigger of RLS. Another simple treatment option is wearing compression stockings, which put pressure on your legs and help relieve discomfort. Putting a pillow between your legs when you are resting can stop nerve compression and help keep your legs comfortable. When working at a desk, try to take regular breaks or stand while using your computer. Stretching your legs may also alleviate symptoms.

    Prevent RLS 
    To prevent the symptoms of RLS , consider making some lifestyle changes, like following a regular sleeping pattern. Go to bed at the same time every night to combat fatigue and be sure to unwind before you settle down, perhaps by reading a book. Limit caffeine intake, as it can make RLS symptoms worse. If you’re overweight, losing the excess pounds can also help. Consider participating in moderate aerobic exercise, like walking or swimming, on a daily basis to prevent RLS symptoms.

    If these techniques do not relieve your RLS symptoms, seek professional medical care. At Manhattan Total Health , we offer medicinal massage that can relax your muscles and ease your RLS symptoms. To learn more about our massage therapy or to schedule an appointment at our NYC office, call (917) 720-2689 today.