• Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Medical Massage

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    A soothing massage can help anyone relax and unwind, but did you know that massage therapy is actually an important part of physical medicine? A medical massage can effectively treat everything from sports injuries to orthopedic issues and joint pain by targeting your specific problem areas. To learn more about the advantages of this holistic healing therapy, contact your licensed masseuse, and read on to review these tips for maximizing the benefits of your medical massage.

    Initial Communication
    Once your doctor has evaluated your specific medical condition, ask if massage therapy is right for you. Physicians frequently recommend this special field of physical medicine to treat conditions such as fibromyalgia , sports injuries, restless leg syndrome, migraines, and pregnancy pain. Be sure to discuss your medical history with your masseuse to ensure your safety and allow her to accurately target your problem areas.

    Total Relaxation
    Once you have expressed your concerns, goals, and expectations with your massage therapist, you should relax your mind and body completely to get the most out of your experience. If you have difficulty relaxing into a massage, try deep breathing exercises. Inhale from your stomach upwards toward your chest cavity, and exhale through your mouth for five cycles.

    Extra Hydration
    After your massage, your therapist will remind you to drink extra water to flush the toxins from your body. Because the pressure from your therapist’s hands pushes lactic acid through your muscle tissue and into your bloodstream, water helps hydrate your body fluids, allowing your blood to process and eliminate toxins.

    Continued Rejuvenation
    In order to maximize the benefits of medical massage, talk to your therapist about your continued holistic physical therapy plan. An intense deep tissue massage may cause slight soreness the next day, so prepare yourself with a light dinner and a deep, restorative sleep.

    If you live in New York City, you can schedule a massage today by calling Manhattan Total Health at (212) 832-9127. Our locations are convenient to Wall Street, Downtown, the Upper East Side, and Midtown; and our experienced masseuses can pinpoint your problem areas and coax tension and stiffness from your sore muscles.

  • Give These Resources a Read for Additional Information on Recovering from Common Injuries

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    When you have sustained an injury, your body will be doing a great deal of work to help you get better. Still, the natural healing mechanisms in your body can use extra stimulation through treatments such as those offered at Manhattan Total Health . You can see what we have to offer for your recovery by following this link to our blog , and you can set up a free initial consultation with us by calling (212) 832-9127.

    • If you have to use ambulatory aids following a lower body injury, you can get used to them faster by following these tips from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
    • Check out StopSportsInjuries.org for some conditioning guidelines to help you prevent sports injuries when you participate in the activities you love.
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  • Why You Should Never Attempt to Rush Your Injury Recovery


    If you have been injured on the job or while at play, it is important that you allow yourself enough time to heal completely before getting back to your normal routine. It may take a significant period of time for you to recover fully, but you should not try to accelerate the process by forcing yourself beyond the limits of your injury. If you do push yourself too hard following an injury , you could experience complications such as those listed below.

    Incomplete Healing
    When you try to use an injured structure before it has healed, the extra strain can prevent complete healing and lead to chronic issues in the area. By working with a physical therapist through your injury recovery, you can understand what activities will be most risky for your injury and learn new exercises to keep you moving as you recover.

    Risk for Further Injury
    Getting back to your old routine too soon will not only pose the risk of worsening the initial injury, but can also cause injuries to other structures in the body. Because the site of the original injury will be weakened, other muscles and soft tissues may be under extra pressure to compensate.

    Need for Complex Additional Treatment
    If you do suffer any type of further injury, your treatment will be more extensive and complex. You may even need more intensive therapies such as surgery or ongoing treatment for chronic pain. This will cost you extra time and money for your care, so it is best to remain patient and pace yourself through a slow, steady initial recovery.

    Manhattan Total Health can help you move forward after an injury with proven holistic treatments such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture. Our staff will guide you to the most appropriate of these treatments for your injury and help you make a complete recovery so you can stay fit and healthy. Visit our website for a closer look at our healing services or call (212) 832-9127 to make an appointment to discuss your injury.