• Tips for Protecting Your Back at Work


    You may not think of the office as a potential health hazard, but your workspace can have a direct impact on your back’s wellbeing. Regardless of your industry or field, eight hours or more on the job can quickly translate into back pain and stiffness. Though physical and massage therapy experts can effectively address your needs, the following tips can help you avoid placing your back in a position that causes unnecessary pain and injury.

    Businesswoman With Back Pain

    Take Frequent Breaks From Sitting Down

    Your back is a dynamic structure that requires consistent movement to stay healthy. If you must sit behind a computer screen for most of the day, however, you can inadvertently wreak havoc to your spinal column and the muscles that support it. A lack of movement can induce back problems, so make it a habit to walk, stretch, or get moving at your desk on a regular basis. Aim for frequency over duration, as one long walk at lunchtime may not be enough to prevent your back from stiffening up again in the afternoon.

    Never Attempt Lifting a Heavy Load on Your Own

    You may not do manual labor at work, but every once in a while, you might be put in a position to move a heavy item, such as a box of paper or printer. Always request a helping hand when you must pick up and transport such materials. Even if you frequently deal with the lifting and carrying of heavy loads, always practice correct form to avoid a back strain.

    Make Your Office Equipment Work for You

    Don’t let a poor office setup cause you back problems. No matter whether you have a corner office or cubicle, make sure that you have a desk, chair, and computer suited to your needs. For instance, a chair that props your knees higher than your hips can place undue strain on your lower back. A computer screen positioned at an awkward angle may put excessive stress on your upper back muscles. Always create an ergonomic space before sitting down to work.

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  • A Look at the Most Common Sports Injuries


    Sports can increase physical fitness and strength, but from time to time, they may also lead to debilitating injuries. Even with the best preventative measures, vigorous activity leaves the body susceptible to breaks, strains, sprains, and pain. Body movement entails substantial usage of the joints, which makes them more vulnerable to sprains and tears. Ankle sprains can occur if an athlete lands awkwardly from a jump or stumbles over another player. The knees also bear a considerable amount of force during physical activity, which is why athletes experience so many ACL tears. Competition at an intense level may also leave the muscles at greater risk for strains. Contact sports can result in concussion injuries as well.

    Running in a marathon with injured knee

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  • Preventing Common Sports Injuries Among Kids


    Specialists in sports medicine urge parents to take the proper precautions for avoiding injury to their young athletes. This video offers guidelines to keep sports injuries to children at bay.

    Many sports require protective gear. If your child plays football, baseball, soccer, or another sport that entails the use of a helmet or shin guards, never send him onto the field without the right equipment. Prior to practice or game time, make sure your child is adequately hydrated and warmed up, as tight muscles are prone to strains. Should your child get injured, remove him from the game or competition and have a sports medicine professional attend to his condition.

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  • The Risk Factors of Migraine

    Stressed Business Woman

    Migraine headaches don’t discriminate based on age or gender, but certain risk factors do increase the likelihood that a person will experience a migraine. Men and women alike can have migraines, but women suffer from them at a higher rate. Physical medicine specialists believe this difference between men and women might stem from the surge of hormones that the latter demographic experiences each month during the childbearing years.

    Migraine attacks generally occur during the teen years and continue throughout adulthood. If someone has a migraine at a young age, he may expect to experience more as he gets older. Individuals who get migraines on a regular basis should consider their family’s history with this condition. Doctors note that patients with ongoing migraine problems typically had parents with the same affliction.

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