• Use This App to Improve Your Back Pain

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    Back pain can limit your mobility and cause serious disruption to your daily life. It’s important to seek help as soon as your pain starts to prevent it from becoming a chronic issue. With the iTunes Simplyhealth Back Care app, you can take charge of your back pain by using your smartphone.

    With this app, you can learn about the different types of back pain and their causes. You can also keep track of your episodes of back pain so your care provider can help you identify things that trigger your symptoms. You can even use your app to find massage therapists and sports medicine specialists in your area.

    Use the Simplyhealth Back Care app to help your physical therapist at Manhattan Total Health plan your treatment. For an appointment at our physical therapy clinic , call (917) 720-2689.

  • Reward and Rejuvenate Employees With a Wellness Program

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    How healthy are your employees? If your employees are dealing with health issues like chronic pain and headaches, then your productivity is suffering. At Manhattan Total Health , our Wellness While at Work programs are designed to target the most common complaints from employees to make your company healthier and more productive. Should you try one of these programs for your employees? Here is what you need to know.

    Pain the Workplace
    Just how big of a problem is pain in the workplace ? According to a study in the Journal of American Medicine, 13 percent of US workers have pain that interferes with their ability to be productive. Headaches and backaches are the biggest culprits. In a typical work week, one in eight workers will lose five hours of work to a pain issue that is treatable. That lost productivity takes a bite out of your bottom line.

    Wellness While at Work
    At Manhattan Total Health, we’re committed to educating people about tactics they can use to avoid pain in the workplace. We can work with your employees to evaluate their habits and develop a plan for becoming healthier. We can also teach them about effective treatment options, including physical therapy and massage therapy, and even provide basic treatments on the spot, depending on the program you choose.

    Wellness Program Options
    We offer a variety of Wellness While at Work options. Consider rewarding your staff with a massage day or massage certificates. We can come to your workplace to provide an ergonomic makeover consultation or to offer Lunch-n-Learn sessions to teach your employees about things like proper posture at their desks. We can even help you plan a corporate health fair or wellness workshops.

    To learn more about our Wellness While at Work programs, contact Manhattan Total Health. Our physical therapists and massage therapists can help make your office more productive, and our programs are a great reward for your hardworking staff. Find out more about these programs and all of our treatments by calling (917) 720-2689.

  • Spotlight on Muscle Cramps


    Muscle cramps are an extremely common problem. Nearly everyone will experience one at some point in their lives. Although a one-off cramp may not be cause for concern, chronic muscle cramps can be a sign of a more serious problem.

    A number of different things can trigger muscle cramps. In some cases, nutrition can be to blame, particularly low levels of calcium. Dehydration can also cause muscle cramps, as can certain medications. High blood sugar levels in diabetics are associated with muscle cramping. For some people, muscle cramps are the result of physical overexertion or an acute muscle injury. Better nutrition, changing medications, physical therapy, and massage therapy can all improve muscle cramps.

    If you experience muscle cramps, let Manhattan Total Health help. Our physical therapist and massage therapist can help you with cramps and wide range of other pain issues. To make an appointment, call (917) 720-2689.

  • Looking at the Importance of Sports Medicine

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    If you’re an active person, then you know how frustrating and debilitating it can be to suffer an injury. For injuries to heal properly, you need expert medical care. That is where a sports medicine specialist enters the picture. Experts who work in sports medicine are specially trained to treat muscle and orthopedic injuries to help you get back to your favorite activities faster. What exactly is sports medicine, and why is it so important? Here is what you need to know.

    What Is Sports Medicine?
    Sports medicine is a special qualification a doctor can earn after completing their medical training in another field. There are two main kinds of sports medicine doctors—primary care physicians and orthopedic surgeons. Primary care sports medicine doctors focus on non-invasive treatments for sports injuries, while orthopedists perform surgery. Both types of sports medicine doctors have special training in treating the kinds of musculoskeletal injuries usually sustained by athletes.

    What Is the Benefit of Seeing a Sports Medicine Specialist?
    Treating musculoskeletal injuries can be very challenging. Without the proper treatment, bones, muscles, and ligaments can be permanently weakened. For a professional athlete, poor treatment of these types of injuries can be career-ending. For amateur sports enthusiasts, injuries can interfere with daily activities. Sports medicine specialists have the training necessary to obtain good outcomes and lessen the chance of long-term damage after an injury.

    What Sports Medicine Treatments Are Available?
    Sports medicine specialists rely on a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments. When surgery is not necessary, sports medicine specialists may utilize treatments like physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture. Most sports medicine specialists take a multi-disciplinary approach to treating injuries.

    At Manhattan Total Health , our staff is made up of sport medicine experts from a variety of fields, including physiatrists. Let us help you get on the road to healing after your sports injury. Make an appointment at our NYC clinic by calling (917) 720-2689.