• What Happens During a Chiropractic Alignment?

    Chiropractic care is an important component of sports medicine. While chiropractic adjustments can help many patients, chiropractors can also use other techniques to gently realign the bones. For example, your chiropractor may discover that the atlas bone is misaligned. This bone sits at the top of your spine, just underneath the base of your skull. The chiropractor can use a special device that transmits a painless vibration to the bone to gently realign it.

    You can see a demonstration of this chiropractic technique by watching this clip of “The Doctors” TV show. You’ll meet Heidi, a patient who sustained severe neck trauma when she fell while horseback riding. After undergoing chiropractic care, Heidi has experienced significant pain relief.

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  • A Patient’s Guide to Frozen Shoulder Injuries

    Frozen shoulder injury near Manhattan Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition that develops gradually. The symptoms worsen over a period of months until it becomes very difficult to move the shoulder joint. Fortunately, with physical therapy and other non-surgical treatments, patients can often restore their mobility.


    The symptoms of frozen shoulder are divided into three stages, each of which may last for months. During the “freezing” stage, patients notice that pain in the shoulder joint area has been steadily growing worse. The pain is typically more noticeable when the shoulder joint is manipulated. Range of motion in the joint becomes restricted. During the “frozen’ stage of adhesive capsulitis, it’s not uncommon to experience pain relief. However, the shoulder still remains quite stiff and range of motion continues to be restricted . During this stage, patients will find that it more difficult to complete their usual activities. With the help of a physical therapist, patients can progress through the “thawing” stage, which is characterized by the gradual improvement of symptoms. It may take six months to two years to completely restore range of motion and strength.


    The shoulder capsule is made up of tough connective tissue that surrounds the bones and soft tissues in the shoulder joint. Patients with frozen shoulder have a tightened, thickened shoulder capsule and adhesions, or muscle knots, develop. Although it is known that the tightened shoulder capsule leads to the symptoms of frozen shoulder, it isn’t yet clear why this may occur in some patients. However, individuals who have recently had to immobilize the joint for long periods of time, such as after a surgery, are at an increased risk.


    To treat frozen shoulder, a physician might recommend over-the-counter or prescription-strength pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Often, cortisone injections are beneficial.

    Physical Therapy

    Along with medications, physical therapy is a cornerstone of frozen shoulder treatment. Physical therapists can guide patients through stretching exercises designed to improve range of motion.

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  • Highlighting the Benefits of Sports Massage

    Athletic massage near New York Even if you aren’t a professional athlete or a serious competitor, you can benefit from sports massage. For this type of massage therapy, your therapist will ask you questions about your preferred physical activities. Then, he or she will tailor your massage therapy to target the areas of your body that are subject to significant stress because of the particular movements of your sport. However, a customized treatment plan isn’t the only benefit of sports massage.

    After undergoing this type of massage therapy, you’re likely to notice that your endurance is improved and your fatigue is reduced. Sports massage can also reduce your risk of suffering a sports injury. While sports massage is often used to promote recovery from workouts, many people use it to help them prepare for competitive events. You can even book a sports massage before a strenuous training session to prepare your body. When used in this manner, sports massage can optimize your performance by increasing your flexibility and decreasing your muscle soreness.

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  • Preparing for Your Physical Therapy Session

    Preparing for Physical Therapy Manhattan Physical therapy is an important component of a sports medicine rehabilitation plan. With physical therapy, you can achieve relief of pain, as well as improved mobility and flexibility. Patients who have suffered acute injuries or repetitive stress injuries can both benefit from physical therapy. Preparing for your appointment can help you get the most out of your treatment program.

    Prepare a List of Questions and Concerns

    It’s easy to forget important information during a physical therapy session. You may wish to bring along a list of your questions and concerns. For example, you could ask the physical therapist how many sessions you might need, and whether you should do exercises and stretches at home between appointments. If you sustained an injury in a sports activity, you could also ask the physical therapist about ways of modifying your activity to reduce the risk of future injury .

    Write Notes Regarding Your Medical History

    Your physical therapist will need to know your complete medical history, including any other conditions or illnesses you’ve been diagnosed with. Write down a list of any medications or supplements you take. You could also write a list of your symptoms. Be as specific as possible. For example, you could make a note of certain activities that worsen your symptoms.

    Bring Relevant Medical Documents

    As with other medical appointments, you may need to bring certain documents with you. Gather together your insurance information and a referral from your primary care physician, if applicable. You may have previously had imaging scans, such as X-rays or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. If so, bring copies of these scans or have the imaging center send over a digital copy. Bring along copies of any test results you may have received.

    Wear Appropriate Clothing

    During your physical therapy session, your therapist will ask you to complete certain exercises and stretches. It’s best to dress in comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Wear athletic shoes that grip the floor well.

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  • Sleep Better with Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractor NYC Getting a good night’s sleep allows your body and brain to function properly. Disruption to your body’s circadian rhythm can increase your level of stress hormones, which can reduce bone density, muscle mass and weaken your immune system. If you are having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night, you should contact a chiropractor in New York.

    There are many medications available to help treat sleep disorders, but taking sleep medication can lead to serious side effects, including heart attack. Sleep medication also fail to treat the actual cause of your sleep disorder. Chiropractic adjustments, on the other hand, can help improve blood flow in your nervous system and correct any misalignment in your spine. Ultimately, these chiropractic adjustments improve communication between the spine and brain, which can significantly improve sleep quality. Scheduling regular chiropractic care can also alleviate physical issues that interfere with your sleep, including back pain, breathing problems and restless leg syndrome.

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  • A Look at Frozen Shoulder Treatments

    Even if you have heard of shoulder conditions like arthritis, you may not know what a frozen shoulder is. If you’ve been diagnosed with frozen shoulder, it means that the muscles, tendons and ligaments around your bone are inflamed. As a result, you may experience limited mobility and significant pain.

    In this video, a patient shares her experience dealing with frozen shoulder. After being diagnosed with frozen shoulder, her doctor recommended physical therapy to lower the inflammation and improve her shoulder mobility. In this video, her physical therapist illustrates effective treatments that can help others with frozen shoulder avoid surgery.

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