• What Is Medical Massage?

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    Massage may be an excellent way for someone to relax the body, mind and soul, but it can also be therapeutic. Medial massage employs specialized techniques to coax tension from muscles, ease stiff joints and promote healthy circulation. Medical massage therapy near New York, NY, is distinct from other massage techniques because it primarily targets a specific problematic area for the patient.

    Conditions that respond well to massage therapy include migraines, back and neck pain, and circulatory disorders. A patient may also benefit from sports massage if he or she experiences physical discomfort and pain in parts of the musculoskeletal system. Though massage therapy can help expectant mothers, they will first receive a thorough evaluation with a medical doctor before booking a prenatal massage. If someone is interested in medical massage, he or she should first schedule a consultation with a medical doctor. The doctor will then be able to prescribe a treatment plan that includes medical massage to target a specific area of concentration.

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  • Easing Pregnancy Pain with Physical Therapy

    pregnancy physical therapy nyc Scheduling physical therapy in New York, NY during pregnancy can help remedy common discomforts, including back pain. Ultimately, this will enhance your body’s ability to have a smoother pregnancy and delivery. However, before you consult with a physical therapist, you should talk to your primary care doctor about incorporating physical therapy into your prenatal care.

    Relieving pain

    Physical therapy is a medically based profession, which helps patients find pain relief. Physical therapists work with their patients to identify sources of pain and develop a treatment plan to decrease the pain. Though regulations vary by state, most states don’t require a doctor’s referral or prescription to see a physical therapist. Physical therapy treatment usually involves a comprehensive approach, which manages common pain triggers, including posture, joint alignment and muscle strength.

    Increasing exercise

    Many expectant mothers suffer from lower back pain, as the body’s center of gravity moves forward when the body grows. This shift increases the amount of force the muscles must generate for everyday support, which may cause women to slump forward. Exercise can help increase the body’s physical endurance and muscle strength, especially in the hips, back and abdomen. This can help correct posture issues and prepare the body for the physically demanding event of delivering a baby.

    Choosing a program

    Expectant mothers should be wary of treatment programs that are passive and place increased stress on the joints, without addressing muscle strength and flexibility through exercise. When choosing a professional physical therapy program , expectant mothers should ensure it is managed by a certified professional, focuses on building strength and improving posture, and encompasses home-based elements. The program should also proactively look for any weakness, which can help the mother avoid physical problems later. A proactive strength, flexibility and stabilization program can help mothers prevent or decrease the intensity of painful symptoms during pregnancy.

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  • How Chiropractors Assess the Thoracic Spine

    A chiropractor assesses the thoracic spine during adjustments to help locate problem areas. Chiropractic care in New York, NY, begins with the patient rolling his or her shoulders backward and forward. Next, the chiropractor will instruct the patient to twist on each side to compare mobility on each side of the body.

    This video shows how a chiropractor assesses the lower and middle back for alignment issues. As a chiropractor locates the 12 vertebrae of the thoracic spine, he or she feels for flexibility in each segment. A chiropractor will also feel from one side to the other to identify areas of misalignment.

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  • How a Chiropractor Can Help with Fibromyalgia Pain

    fibromyalgia care NYC Even though an estimated three to six percent of Americans suffer from fibromyalgia, the condition still remains a mystery to medical professionals. Even diagnosing the condition is a complex process, as it can take a patient up to four years to receive an accurate diagnosis. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, visiting a chiropractor in New York , NY can help you manage your pain.


    If you suffer from widespread pain in all four quadrants of the body for a minimum of three months and suffer tenderness or pain in at least 11 tenders points, you may be diagnosed with fibromyalgia. These tender points tend to cluster around the neck, shoulder, chest and elbow regions. However, some experts believe that you can suffer from fibromyalgia with fewer than 11 tender points if you show other symptoms like chronic headaches and memory impairment.


    Obtaining a correct fibromyalgia diagnosis can be difficult, so you should seek multiple opinions if you suspect you have fibromyalgia. Other conditions, including pain and fatigue, can create fibromyalgia, so it’s important to rule out other possibilities. Your doctor may need to order blood work to determine whether you have anemia, Lyme disease, or hormonal imbalances. If you suffer from one of these conditions, your physical therapy and chiropractic care will focus on addressing that problem first.


    Several natural fibromyalgia treatments are available, including diet changes and improved sleep quality. For example, you can reduce fatigue by limiting your caffeine intake and reducing your TV and computer time. You can also incorporate stress-management techniques to address anxiety or depression issues. For example, cognitive therapy can help you relive negative emotions and depression by changing your perception of yourself and your attitude toward others.

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