• How Physical Therapy Can Help Rheumatoid Arthritis?

    rheumatoid arthritis nyc It was previously thought that patients who were diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis should avoid strenuous physical activity because it might cause painful symptoms to become worse. Now, doctors know that patients with rheumatoid arthritis can actually preserve the health of their joints through physical activity. However, it’s advisable to develop a stretching and exercise program with the guidance of a professional. A physical therapist can help patients stay safe while staying active.

    Maintaining Quality of Life

    Quality of life is a significant concern for rheumatoid arthritis patients, particularly when they have trouble doing the activities they used to enjoy. Activities as simple as turning a doorknob, pushing a grocery cart, or playing with grandkids can be problematic. Patients can discuss their activity goals with the physical therapist, who can then design a set of exercises and stretches specifically to help patients regain function.

    Improving Symptom Awareness

    One of the challenges that patients face after a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is that it can be difficult to discern the difference between a flare-up of symptoms and ordinary muscle soreness from activity. Physical therapists can help patients learn to differentiate these two symptoms and to learn when it’s time to rest.

    Preserving Joint Health

    When a physical therapist first meets a patient with rheumatoid arthritis, he or she conducts a comprehensive assessment of joint flexibility, bone alignment, ambulatory status, muscle strength, and similar factors. Then, the physical therapist can guide the patient through a physical activity routine designed to improve any impairment, which in turn helps preserve the health of the affected joints .

    The physical therapists at Manhattan Total Health work closely with our medical doctors to develop comprehensive treatment programs for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and many other medical conditions. If you would like to work with a physical therapist near New York, NY, to manage your condition and improve your quality of life, give us a call at (917) 720-2689. Our convenient locations also provide treatment for patients with frozen shoulder, hamstring injuries, adhesive capsulitis, and many others.

  • Understanding Myofascial Release

    Myofascial release is a massage therapy technique that can treat a wide range of conditions. These include temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and even migraine headaches. Myofascial release is appropriate for patients with symptoms such as pain and muscle tightness that inhibits mobility or proper alignment.

    You can hear more about this massage therapy technique by watching this video. This workplace wellness consultant explains how this technique targets the fascia to relieve pain, release muscle tension, and improve range of motion.

    If you’re interested in trying myofascial release massage therapy , contact Manhattan Total Health at (917) 720-2689. In addition to providing massage therapy near New York, NY, our wellness centers offer a full range of sports medicine services, including physical therapy, sports massage, and chiropractic care.

  • Spotting the Signs of Sciatica

    sciatica nyc

    Sciatica refers to pain that extends from the lower back through the buttock and down the back of a leg. Usually, sciatica only affects one side of the body. However, some patients may experience pain down both of the legs. The pain may extend down to the calf muscle. When a chiropractor or sports medicine specialist evaluates a patient with sciatica, the patient may complain of only a mild, aching pain, or he or she might suffer from an excruciating, burning pain. Some patients even describe the pain as feeling like an electric shock.

    In addition to the pain, patients with sciatica may experience muscle weakness, numbness, or tingling. These symptoms may be present in the affected leg or foot. Although sciatica can sometimes be debilitating, chiropractic care can help restore the patient to wellness.

    If you’re suffering from sciatica, you can schedule a chiropractic adjustment near New York, NY. Call Manhattan Total Health at (917) 720-2689 and be sure to ask about our other sports medicine services, including physical therapy.