• Understanding the Patient Role in Physical Therapy

    Successful physical therapy requires input from both the therapist and the patient. There are several ways you can be an active participant in your physical therapy to ensure you get the best possible result. Here are some steps you can take to get the most out of your appointments.

    Before you have your first appointment, write down questions you have about therapy and your injury, as well as any other treatments you may have tried, like sports massage or chiropractic care. During your appointments, always arrive on time or a few minutes early so you don’t lose out on treatment time that is reserved specifically for you. Listen carefully to the work your therapist wants you to do between visits and ask any questions you have during your visit. Communicate any issues with your home program to your therapist so it can be adjusted to meet your needs.

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  • Stop Back Pain From Slowing You Down at Work

    Chronic lower back pain can severely affect your ability to work productively and comfortably. When you set up an ergonomic workspace at your office, you can significantly reduce or eliminate back pain, joint stiffness, and muscle strain. Watch this video for some tips on how to stop back pain from slowing you down at work.

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  • Advice for Coping with Pain During Pregnancy

    While pregnancy is a blessing, it can also cause a range of uncomfortable physical issues, including nausea, joint stiffness, aches, and pains. A chiropractor can provide chiropractic care that will reduce or eliminate pain, and teach you effective pain management techniques. Here are some tips for coping with pain during your pregnancy.

    Ask Your Chiropractor about Physical Therapy
    Physical therapy can relieve the various aches and pains associated with pregnancy. As you gain weight during your pregnancy, more stress is placed upon your muscles, joints, and spine. This weight is also not evenly distributed, which means that you might suffer from chronic lower back pain, foot pain, ankle pain, and neck pain. Physical therapists can identify specific triggers of pain, and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses and eliminates these triggers.

    accupuncture | Manhattan Consider Undergoing Acupuncture for Back Pain and Nausea
    Chiropractors have long recommended acupuncture for back pain, nausea, insomnia, stress, and migraines. All of these are common issues during pregnancy, as your body and mind become more stressed by the changes throughout your system. Acupuncture targets the specific areas of the body that contribute to these problems, and the procedure stimulates the release of endorphins and neurotransmitters. Endorphins and neurotransmitters relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, stimulate healing, and create an overall sense of wellbeing and calm.

    Investigate Massage Therapy Techniques
    Your chiropractor can offer a variety of massage therapy techniques to target the source of chronic lower back pain and other common aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Massage therapy improves the function of the circulatory system, which can often be negatively affected by pregnancy. You’ll also benefit from reduced muscle tension and less stress and anxiety after a massage therapy session.

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  • Answers to Common Questions about Sciatica

    Sciatica is one of the most common types of pain that people report to their doctors. Although it can be extremely uncomfortable, several non-invasive treatments, including physical therapy , chiropractic care, and massage therapy, can provide relief. If you have been told that you have sciatica, chances are that you have questions about your condition. Here is an introduction to what you need to know.

    What Is Sciatica?

    Sciatica refers to pain that runs along the sciatic nerve, which extends through your lower back, the buttock, and the back of your leg. It is not a disease, but instead is a symptom of an underlying condition, such as a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease. Oftentimes, treating the issue that is causing the sciatic pain will alleviate your symptoms. Pain management is also important when people are experiencing sciatica.

    What Are the Symptoms?

    Sciatica causes pain in the lower back and down the back of the leg. It typically only affects one side of the body, and the pain in the leg is usually more intense than the back pain. Some patients do not experience any back pain at all. In most cases, sciatica causes burning and sharp, shooting pains, rather than a dull ache. Numbness is also possible. Most patients get relief from their pain when they sit or lie down, but experience a worsening of symptoms when standing.

    How Is Sciatica Treated?

    There are a number of different treatment options for sciatica. Physical therapy and targeted exercises can provide relief. Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate the pressure on the sciatic nerve to ease pain. Massage therapy can help to increase blood circulation and stimulate the release of endorphins to control painful symptoms. Acupuncture may also be helpful. The right treatment for you depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your symptoms.

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  • Ease Restless Leg Syndrome with Physical Therapy

    Restless leg syndrome is incredibly uncomfortable, and can increase your risk of suffering from additional conditions, such as insomnia. While there is no cure for restless leg syndrome, a chiropractor who offers physical therapy can help reduce or eliminate many of the common symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Your physical therapist will evaluate your symptoms, identify your triggers for restless leg syndrome, and develop a treatment plan that will reduce or eliminate your symptoms over time.

    Physical therapy and exercise will improve your circulation, increase the strength of your muscles, and improve your flexibility. All of these benefits can reduce your risk of triggering an attack of restless leg syndrome. Your physical therapist can also recommend changes to your diet, daily activities, and overall lifestyle that will target your restless leg syndrome triggers.

    If you’re interested in visiting a physical therapist near New York for treatment of restless leg syndrome, come see us at Manhattan Total Health. Our experienced chiropractors and physical therapists can develop a comprehensive chiropractic care and physical therapy program that will dramatically reduce your symptoms and improve your life. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (917) 720-2689.