• Can Your Diet Help Reduce Your Back Pain?

    When it comes to back pain, physical therapy in New York, NY, is proven to be effective. However, a chiropractor often recommends comprehensive treatment plans that also include chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and dietary changes. Because chronic back pain is often the result of spinal damage and inflammation, a diet that strengthens bones while minimizing inflammation is ideal for alleviating painful symptoms. Keep reading to find out how eating vegetables, adding calcium, and reducing fats can help reduce your back pain.

    Eat Vegetables

    Along with physical therapy and regular adjustments by a chiropractor, increasing your green vegetable intake can go a long way in fighting off back pain. Chronic back pain is often caused by inflammation. For example, with a herniated disc, a tear in the spine causes spinal fluid to leak out. The area becomes inflamed and puts pressure on surrounding nerves, causing pain. An anti-inflammatory diet incorporates plenty of leafy green vegetables. For nutritious foods that reduce back pain , you can also try carrots, beets, berries, red wine, grapes, and watermelon.

    Add Calcium

    A chiropractor may also suggest increasing your intake of certain nutrients, including calcium. With age, bone mass naturally decreases, causing conditions like osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can weaken the spinal vertebrae, causing back pain. By adding more calcium to your diet, you can add to your bone mass and strengthen your spine. Ask your nutrition counselor to determine the right amount of calcium for your needs and body type.

    Reduce Fats

    Processed foods and saturated fats can cause inflammation, which makes back pain worse. As part of your plan for reducing back pain, talk to your chiropractor about how to reduce your intake of white bread, pasta, sugary drinks and snacks, and fried foods. Nutrition counselors also suggest avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

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  • Understanding Trigger Point Therapy and Its Uses

    Alongside treatments like physical therapy and chiropractic care, trigger point therapy has emerged as a safe and effective way to treat acute and chronic pain for many sufferers. An increasingly large body of research suggests that trigger point therapy can be used for a wide range of pain symptoms without the need for invasive surgery. If your doctor has suggested trigger point therapy to you, here is what you need to know.

    What Are Trigger Points?

    Trigger points are areas of the body that hurt when pressed on, thanks to a shortening of the muscle fibers. Usually, the trigger point is not the actual origin site of the pain but is instead the site of what is called referred pain – pain that is caused by an injury to another part of the body. Trigger points are associated with myofascial pain, which is pain in the muscles and surrounding connective tissue. If your doctor diagnoses you with myofascial pain syndrome or chronic myofascial pain syndrome, it means that your pain primarily comes from trigger points.

    What Happens During Trigger Point Therapy?

    Trigger points are treated with trigger point injections, or TPIs. Injections usually contain a local anesthetic and a steroid to reduce inflammation. After the first injection, steroids may no longer be included. TPIs are designed to relax and numb the muscles at the site of the trigger point pain, so that you can stretch them more effectively. Injections also increase blood flow through the muscle to encourage healing.

    Who Is a Good Candidate?

    Trigger point therapy is safe for most patients who are diagnosed with this type of pain. If you get partial relief from the first injection, it indicates that the treatment may work for you and you should continue with therapy. However, if you get no relief, then your doctor will not continue shots. Anyone receiving trigger point therapy should continue with their chiropractor visits or physical therapy to reap the best results.

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  • Use This App to Enhance Your Exercise Routine for Back Pain Relief

    When you are under care for back pain, whether through massage therapy, physical therapy, or chiropractic care, exercise is sure to be an important part of your recovery plan. Now, with the Back Pain Exercises app from the Google Play store, you can boost the effectiveness of your regime with a guided program straight from your smartphone.

    back pain | Manhattan The Back Pain Exercises app leads you through a simple routine called Back Pain No More that consists of 10 exercises that are gentle yet effective. With repeated practice, you will build muscle that helps ease chronic back pain.

    Before starting any exercise regime for your back pain, make a physical therapy or chiropractic care appointment at Manhattan Total Health with a chiropractor or physical therapist near New York, NY. Start your journey to a pain-free life by calling (917) 720-2689.

  • Tips for Boosting Wellness in the Workplace

    Work might be a necessary part of life, but that doesn’t mean it is always good for your health. From a company’s perspective, a sick workforce is bad news for the bottom line, as it impacts productivity and leads to chronic absenteeism. The good news is that work doesn’t have to compromise your wellness. Companies and employees can work together to incorporate things like acupuncture , nutritional training, chiropractor treatment, and more into the office culture. Try these tips to protect your health in the workplace.

    Pack Your Own Lunch

    Obesity is a significant problem in the workplace that can lead to issues like chronic back pain and heart disease. One major culprit in workplace weight gain is lunch. Grabbing food on the go often means high calorie, high fat choices, such as fast food. Even lunchtime salads are often packed with high-calorie ingredients. When you bring your own lunch, you control exactly how many calories you get, not to mention the fat, salt, and sugar contents. Staying away from restaurants and making healthier choices will help you control your weight, and as an added bonus, you’ll save more money.

    Get Up From the Desk

    Email and instant messaging might make communicating with your fellow employees easier, but these conveniences also encourage you to sit at your desk all day. Instead of sending a co-worker an email, get up and walk to his or her office. Adding this movement into your day will help you burn calories and work muscles that can get stiff from sitting and cause pain.

    Take Advantage of Workplace Health Programs

    Many workplaces offer wellness programs to improve the health of their staffs. These programs might include on-site kitchens with healthy foods, walk-and-talk meetings, acupuncture, and access to exercise facilities. There are financial incentives for participating in many of these programs, so take advantage of what you find in your workplace.

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