Learn How Spine Health Affects Your Whole Body with This App

In addition to causing chronic lower back pain, muscle aches, and inflammation, a musculoskeletal problem can affect almost every system in your body. A chiropractor can develop a chiropractic care plan that will relieve these symptoms.

The SpineEffects app is a great way to chart the progress of your chiropractic care and demonstrate how your vertebrae are connected to certain body parts, organs, and body functions. You’ll quickly learn how various chiropractic conditions can cause symptoms and pain in other areas of your body.

If you’re in need of a chiropractor near New York, NY to evaluate your spinal health, come see us at Manhattan Total Health. Our experienced chiropractors can perform a full physical exam to diagnose you and determine what chiropractic care treatments will work for you and your symptoms. To schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations, call us today at (917) 720-2689.

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