Could You Benefit from a Medical Massage?


When many people think of massages, they envision spa days and relaxation. However, massages can have many health benefits, particularly when it is performed by a provider who is experienced in delivering medical messages. Medical massage is frequently used as part of a physical therapy treatment plan to deliver fast pain relief.

Medical massage could be right for you if acute or chronic pain is impacting your ability to engage in your normal activities. It helps to boost circulation while reducing inflammation. It can deliver an instant reduction in discomfort and be an important part of achieving long-term pain relief, since it can be targeted specifically at the source of your pain. Many people experience improved range of motion as well as less stress, which in turns helps to alleviate their other symptoms.

Manhattan Total Health provides medical massage in New York, NY alongside our physical therapy services for a wide range of conditions. Find out more or schedule an appointment by calling (917) 720-2689.

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