Questions to Ask During Your First Physical Therapy Appointment


Physical therapy is good option for dealing with both acute and chronic pain. It can help to reduce or even eliminate the need for pain medication while ensuring a healthy recovery from musculoskeletal issues. With physical therapy, you don’t just focus on alleviating the pain but also on building up muscle strength and learning movement techniques that will reduce the risk of future injury. If you’re starting therapy for the first time, asking your physical therapist these questions during your appointment will help you get a better idea of what to expect from the process.

Why am I in pain?

By asking this question, you can discover two important things about your pain. First, you will learn exactly what kind of injury your physical therapist thinks that you have, so you can better understand the source of your pain. Second, you will learn some of the reasons the injury may have happened. For example, your physical therapist may blame a repetitive motions or exercising without stretching or conditioning appropriately. This information will help you understand ways in which you can avoid another injury in the future.

How long do you think I will need physical therapy?

Physical therapy doesn’t cure pain and injuries overnight. It usually requires committing to a few sessions per week for an extended period of time. Your physical therapist may not be able to give you a precise treatment timeline, but having an idea of what to expect will help you to plan accordingly.

What will I need to do between appointments?

Only part of your physical therapy will happen at your appointments. Your physical therapist will also give you tasks to do at home, such as certain exercises or instructions to use heat or ice on your injuries. It’s important to know what is expected of you and to follow these instructions, in order to get the best results from therapy.

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