Should You Exercise if You’re in Pain

Exercise is often uncomfortable. That comes with the territory when you’re pushing yourself to be your best. However, there is a difference between feeling uncomfortable and being in pain. How do you know when you should push through the discomfort of a tough workout and when you need to stop and see a sports medicine specialist? Here is what you need to know.

Mild burning is your muscles working.

It’s normal to feel some mild burning pain when you’re working out. As your push your muscles, lactic acid and the addition stress on them cause a mild burning sensation that is indicative of the pressure that they’re under. This pressure is a good thing, since it is a sign that you’re effectively targeting your muscles with your exercise technique. This kind of burning should stop when the activity stops. If it doesn’t, then you should cease exercising until you consult with a physical therapist or sports medicine specialist.

Joint pain is not a normal part of exercise.

There is no kind of exercise that should induce joint pain. If you feel joint pain during your workout, you should stop your activity immediately. In some instances, joint pain may improve after resting for a few days, but it can also indicate a serious issue that could get worse with increased activity. If you’re experiencing joint pain, seek treatment before returning to your usual workout.

Sudden, intense pain could indicate an injury.

If you experience a sudden, intense pain when you are exercising, you could have a muscle or ligament tear, a sprain, or a fracture. In each case, the injury will become more severe with increased activity. Stop exercising in the case of an intense pain that hits suddenly, so you can pinpoint the cause and reduce the risk of exacerbating the injury.

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