Tips for Reducing the Risk of Tennis Injuries

Tennis is a fantastic full-body workout, but it does exert considerable stress on your joints and soft tissues. Physical therapists recommend doing a thorough stretching routine before and after you play. You can see a sample stretching routine when you watch the accompanying video.

This tennis expert demonstrates lower body and upper body stretches. He starts with giant steps, which involves touching the knees to the hands while walking. You’ll also see him demonstrate standing and running butt kicks, the Frankenstein walk, the Djokovic tilt, and multiple upper body stretches with a resistance band.

If you do sustain an injury or you’d like to work with a physical therapist on an injury prevention plan, you can contact Manhattan Total Health at (917) 720-2689. Our physical therapists in New York, NY, have extensive experience working with patients with tennis-related injuries.

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