Can Physical Therapy Help to Reduce Injuries?

Most people think of physical therapy as something you do after an injury has occurred or in the course of recovery from a surgical procedure. However, while physical therapy is extremely helpful for those purposes, it can also be used as a preventive tool for reducing the risk of injuries and helping you enjoy more effective and productive workouts. Many athletes rely on physical therapy to stay healthy and improve their performance. Could it be helpful for you? Here is a closer look at how preventive physical therapy can reduce your risk of injuries.

Learn Proper Technique

Many injuries that occur from physical activity aren’t acute injuries that happen in an instant. Instead, they occur from repetitive motions and build up over time. In many cases, these injuries are caused by, or exacerbated by, poor movement techniques. Your physical therapist can evaluate the motions you use during your normal activities and look for problems with your stance or movement that could put you at risk. By learning to correct these kinds of technique errors, you can reduce the chances of slow-building, repetitive motion activities.

Develop a Warm-Up Routine

Warm-ups are a critical part of training, but many people either overlook them or don’t do them effectively. A physical therapist can help you develop a warm-up routine that is appropriate for your fitness level and the activity that you are doing. He or she can design a personalized routine that targets any concerns you have to encourage a safer and more effective workout.

Spot Signs of Injuries in Early Stages

During preventive physical therapy sessions, your physical therapist may notice the signs of an injury in its very early stages, before you even notice the symptoms yourself. As a result, you can start treating the injury and adjust your activity accordingly, to prevent it from becoming worse.

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