Fitting Exercise into a Busy Lifestyle

If you’re like most Americans, you could probably do with a little more exercise. The problem for most of us is that we often have trouble fitting it into our schedules. Fortunately, we have a few suggestions for fitting more exercise into your hectic lifestyle.

  • Remember, the early bird gets the…workout. As much as you might hate to hear it, getting up earlier is one of the best ways to squeeze in a workout. Setting your alarm earlier than you need to gives you some wiggle room to fit in a workout before you start your day and lets you cross exercise off your to-do list. For many people, a quick run in the morning will boost the metabolism and make the day better, but if you’re one who prefers an evening workout, that’s ok too. Just shift your evening plans to make sure you stick to your commitment.
  • Make your commute your fitness routine. Can you walk, run, or bike to work? This is a great way to work in your workout, without going out of your way. Don’t have a walkable commute? Get off the bus or subway a few stops earlier, or park far away so that you can squeeze in a little bit of walking. Even a short walk can burn calories, help control your weight, and give you the chance to burn off some steam.
  • Work out while you work. If you get a lunch break, this is the perfect time to fit in some exercise. Hitting the gym or going for a walk is a great way to burn some calories while taking a break from staring at your computer screen. You can also get a workout right at your disk, by sitting on a stability ball or fitting in 12 to 15 reps of exercises like dumbbell curls or ab crunches while you’re working.
  • Make exercise a social outing. Sometimes the people in our lives are a convenient excuse for inactivity, but there’s no reason they should be. Schedule fitness dates with your significant other, whether that’s a weekend hike, a weekly bike ride, or an evening walk every day after work. Single? Rally your friends and work out together! If you’ve got young kids, invest in a jogging stroller or strap on a carrier, then invite another parent to join you for some exercise with kids in tow.
  • Take every opportunity to get a mini-workout. Park far from the mall, take the stairs, clean your house enthusiastically. If you put some energy into the things you do on an everyday basis, you’ll find it easier to stay in shape.
  • Do your couch potato-ing without the couch. Don’t want to give up your binge-watching to make time for the gym? Bring the gym into your television viewing. Clear the space in front of your TV, and you’ll be able to do squats, crunches, jumping jacks, push-ups, and planks during the show. Want to up your game? Put a treadmill or elliptical into your TV room, and get some serious workout time while you veg out.
  • Make a plan and stick to it. However you choose to implement these tips, the most important thing is to have a plan. Pencil exercise into your calendar, prioritizing it as you would anything else of importance. Start slowly and find exercise that you enjoy doing, and keep track of your progress along the way, celebrating your achievements to keep yourself motivated.

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