• Sciatica 101

    If you are one of the many Americans who suffers from sciatica, you may be wondering if you will ever find a treatment that works for you. In fact, there are ways to treat sciatica that will provide you with lasting relief. The key to treating sciatica is to understand what is causing it. Here is what you need to know about this widespread health issue.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica refers to any kind of pain associated with the sciatic nerve, which is the long nerve that runs from your lower back down through each leg. In general, people with sciatica will experience pain or discomfort in their back, hips, and lower legs. In some cases, the symptoms of sciatica are mild; in others, they are so severe that walking can be painful.

How is sciatica diagnosed?

There are several ways to diagnose a case of sciatica. Your physician can do several tests in order to determine whether the pain is centered in the sciatic nerve. In some cases, an MRI scan may be done to help confirm the diagnosis. Once your physician has diagnosed the issue as sciatica, they will then decide what treatment will be most effective for you.

How can sciatica be treated?

The type of treatment that works best for sciatica depends on the individual case. In some cases, medications may be prescribed in order to treat the pain. For other patients, alternative treatments such as acupuncture or physical therapy may be more effective in relieving the symptoms of sciatica. After the treatment has started, your physician will check on your progress and determine how well it is working, and whether another approach is needed.

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  • Are You a Good Candidate for Acupuncture?

    Acupuncture is a traditional form of Chinese medicine that is widely used to treat chronic pain and other health issues. If you’re curious about the potential of acupuncture for relieving your pain, you may be wondering if you’re well-suited for this treatment. If you have migraine headaches, lower back pain, and other pain issues that are detracting from your quality of life, then you may want to consider trying acupuncture. You might be a good candidate for acupuncture if you have already tried other pain relief treatments that have not worked for you. Many people also seek out acupuncture after a car accident or another traumatic event.

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  • Understanding Pregnancy Back Pain

    Back pain is extremely common during pregnancy—in fact, it affects as many as 80 percent of all women. Using pain medications is not possible during pregnancy, but fortunately, chiropractic care can help with your back pain.

    Watch this video to learn more about the causes of back pain during pregnancy. The extra weight of carrying a baby compresses the nerves between the vertebrae in the spine, triggering painful symptoms.

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  • Can Your Diet Help Reduce Your Back Pain?

    When it comes to back pain, physical therapy in New York, NY, is proven to be effective. However, a chiropractor often recommends comprehensive treatment plans that also include chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and dietary changes. Because chronic back pain is often the result of spinal damage and inflammation, a diet that strengthens bones while minimizing inflammation is ideal for alleviating painful symptoms. Keep reading to find out how eating vegetables, adding calcium, and reducing fats can help reduce your back pain.

    Eat Vegetables

    Along with physical therapy and regular adjustments by a chiropractor, increasing your green vegetable intake can go a long way in fighting off back pain. Chronic back pain is often caused by inflammation. For example, with a herniated disc, a tear in the spine causes spinal fluid to leak out. The area becomes inflamed and puts pressure on surrounding nerves, causing pain. An anti-inflammatory diet incorporates plenty of leafy green vegetables. For nutritious foods that reduce back pain , you can also try carrots, beets, berries, red wine, grapes, and watermelon.

    Add Calcium

    A chiropractor may also suggest increasing your intake of certain nutrients, including calcium. With age, bone mass naturally decreases, causing conditions like osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can weaken the spinal vertebrae, causing back pain. By adding more calcium to your diet, you can add to your bone mass and strengthen your spine. Ask your nutrition counselor to determine the right amount of calcium for your needs and body type.

    Reduce Fats

    Processed foods and saturated fats can cause inflammation, which makes back pain worse. As part of your plan for reducing back pain, talk to your chiropractor about how to reduce your intake of white bread, pasta, sugary drinks and snacks, and fried foods. Nutrition counselors also suggest avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

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  • Use This App to Enhance Your Exercise Routine for Back Pain Relief

    When you are under care for back pain, whether through massage therapy, physical therapy, or chiropractic care, exercise is sure to be an important part of your recovery plan. Now, with the Back Pain Exercises app from the Google Play store, you can boost the effectiveness of your regime with a guided program straight from your smartphone.

    back pain | Manhattan The Back Pain Exercises app leads you through a simple routine called Back Pain No More that consists of 10 exercises that are gentle yet effective. With repeated practice, you will build muscle that helps ease chronic back pain.

    Before starting any exercise regime for your back pain, make a physical therapy or chiropractic care appointment at Manhattan Total Health with a chiropractor or physical therapist near New York, NY. Start your journey to a pain-free life by calling (917) 720-2689.