• Understanding Myofascial Release

    Myofascial release is a massage therapy technique that can treat a wide range of conditions. These include temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and even migraine headaches. Myofascial release is appropriate for patients with symptoms such as pain and muscle tightness that inhibits mobility or proper alignment.

    You can hear more about this massage therapy technique by watching this video. This workplace wellness consultant explains how this technique targets the fascia to relieve pain, release muscle tension, and improve range of motion.

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  • What Is Medical Massage?

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    Massage may be an excellent way for someone to relax the body, mind and soul, but it can also be therapeutic. Medial massage employs specialized techniques to coax tension from muscles, ease stiff joints and promote healthy circulation. Medical massage therapy near New York, NY, is distinct from other massage techniques because it primarily targets a specific problematic area for the patient.

    Conditions that respond well to massage therapy include migraines, back and neck pain, and circulatory disorders. A patient may also benefit from sports massage if he or she experiences physical discomfort and pain in parts of the musculoskeletal system. Though massage therapy can help expectant mothers, they will first receive a thorough evaluation with a medical doctor before booking a prenatal massage. If someone is interested in medical massage, he or she should first schedule a consultation with a medical doctor. The doctor will then be able to prescribe a treatment plan that includes medical massage to target a specific area of concentration.

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  • Highlighting the Benefits of Sports Massage

    Athletic massage near New York Even if you aren’t a professional athlete or a serious competitor, you can benefit from sports massage. For this type of massage therapy, your therapist will ask you questions about your preferred physical activities. Then, he or she will tailor your massage therapy to target the areas of your body that are subject to significant stress because of the particular movements of your sport. However, a customized treatment plan isn’t the only benefit of sports massage.

    After undergoing this type of massage therapy, you’re likely to notice that your endurance is improved and your fatigue is reduced. Sports massage can also reduce your risk of suffering a sports injury. While sports massage is often used to promote recovery from workouts, many people use it to help them prepare for competitive events. You can even book a sports massage before a strenuous training session to prepare your body. When used in this manner, sports massage can optimize your performance by increasing your flexibility and decreasing your muscle soreness.

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  • Health Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

    Did you know that massage therapy can treat a wide range of muscular conditions? In fact, deep tissue massage is appropriate for treating carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, whiplash, and many other health problems. Many people who have been involved in auto accidents visit a massage therapist to relieve their aches and pains.

    You can learn more about the health benefits of massage therapy by watching this video. This massage therapist explains how the therapy reduces knots, scar tissue, and adhesions in the muscles, and improves the motion of the joints.

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