• A Look at Frozen Shoulder Treatments

    Even if you have heard of shoulder conditions like arthritis, you may not know what a frozen shoulder is. If you’ve been diagnosed with frozen shoulder, it means that the muscles, tendons and ligaments around your bone are inflamed. As a result, you may experience limited mobility and significant pain.

    In this video, a patient shares her experience dealing with frozen shoulder. After being diagnosed with frozen shoulder, her doctor recommended physical therapy to lower the inflammation and improve her shoulder mobility. In this video, her physical therapist illustrates effective treatments that can help others with frozen shoulder avoid surgery.

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  • How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Migraines

    If you suffer from tension headaches or headaches originating in the neck, you may want to consider spinal manipulation treatment with a chiropractor in NYC. According to a 2001 report from Duke University Evidence-Based Practice center in Durham, NC, spinal manipulation afforded patients almost immediate relief from headaches. In addition, the treatment resulted in significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief from tension headaches than commonly prescribed medications.

    Headache triggers

    Certain foods, lights, noises and stress can trigger your tension headaches. You may also find that certain behaviors, like insomnia or blood sugar changes, result in migraines and headaches throughout the day. While a small percentage of headaches are due to other physical problems in the body, the majority of headaches are primary headaches. Primary headaches, including tension headaches and migraines, aren’t symptoms of disease or illness. As a result, a chiropractor treats the headache itself.


    Primary headaches are often associated with muscle tension in the neck. This can result from engaging in too many sedentary activities or spending too much time in one fixed position or posture. In addition to seeking professional physical therapy, try taking breaks from sitting in one fixed posture. For example, every 30 minutes to an hour, stretch your head and neck through a comfortable range of motion.

    Chiropractic treatment

    Acupuncture, physical therapy and massage therapy are all effective pain treatment options. However, chiropractic treatment is especially useful in treating migraines because adjustments improve spinal function to alleviate stress on the system. In addition, a chiropractor provides nutritional advice, such as changing diet or adding B complex vitamins. Chiropractors can also advise you on how to improve your work posture and suggest exercises to help relieve recurring joint irritation in your neck muscles.

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