Physical Therapy in New York

The body is a finely tuned machine, which means that even seemingly minor injuries can throw the whole system off balance. In the face of an injury or medical condition that restricts your mobility, you can get back on your feet and improve your overall physical function with the help of physical therapy at Manhattan Total Health. Read on to explore the benefits of physical therapy and get answers to some common questions about this treatment modality.

Healing Guidelines with Physical Therapy

While there may be specific goals that you and your therapist set, the general goal of physical therapy is to make daily tasks easier by improving muscle strength and flexibility. Physical therapy is often used in conjunction with pain management techniques and other medical procedures, but it can also be utilized as a treatment on its own, depending on the needs of the patient. The practice of physical therapy has been regulated in the United States for nearly a century, though physical therapy has been in use as a healing practice for many more centuries.

Physical Therapy FAQs

Before you begin physical therapy, you may have some questions about how it works. Below you will see some of the top FAQs to help you get a better understanding of what’s involved in physical therapy and why you should incorporate this treatment into your routine.

1. How long should I go to physical therapy? – There is no single number of physical therapy sessions that is right for every patient, because physical therapy can be used to heal such a wide range of health problems. For injuries like sprains or fractures, you may only need to see a physical therapist for a handful of sessions to promote complete healing. Alternatively, patients seeking care for chronic conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia may have physical therapy as an ongoing treatment.

2. What qualifications do physical trainers have? – Physical therapists undergo rigorous training to understand human anatomy and the natural healing processes that take place in the body. They may specialize in certain areas of recovery or offer

a wide range of physical therapy services. In both situations, physical therapists apply their unique knowledge of anatomy and fitness to reduce the need for pain medication, surgery, and other treatments that have a number of possible side effects.

3. What kinds of activities are involved in physical therapy? – Exercise is the primary component of physical therapy, but your therapist may also incorporate hot and cold therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and massage to accommodate your specific needs. As you learn specific exercises and pain management techniques in physical therapy, you may have homework

following your sessions so that you can continue to promote healing outside of the clinical setting.

To discover all the benefits of physical therapy for yourself, call Manhattan Total Health at (917) 780-4846 to schedule your initial consultation with one of our skilled physicians. Our doctors work closely with our physical therapy staff to provide excellent, effective care without invasive healing techniques.

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